Going beyond Turing machine: World of technologies with “Infinite state” machines

Turing’s world of computing considers every single element is complete in itself, just like that a “matter” is complete; nothing inside/outside is changing it. Completeness enables discrete and binary true/false argument to define it. We get a Turing world.

Recently, we proposed an Escape Time (ET) fractal tape, where, as we enter inside a cell of the tape, we find another tape, hence not a single cell in the entire tape network is defined (non-differentiable). This is not a Turing tape. This AjoChhand vision has one argument, one energy packet, one Turing like tape, one clock, one rhythm, one oscillator that encompasses the entire universe, but if we enter inside any of them, we find millions of those inside, the journey continue forever, whether we zoom in/out.

Unlike Turing, any “matter” is conceptually incomplete so we need matter+energy duality to connect all matters inside and outside. Conserved energy takes the form of periodic oscillation or rhythm and maintains time, but each rhythm has rhythms inside/outside. We cannot isolate any small piece of argument from tape network, hence, no bits or arguments like true/false, that leads to no classical information content. Observer/user is also part of the tape network. User’s sensory resolution limits isolate a part of limitless rhythm network that is “his” information-perception. Since “that” is not a discrete unit, it remains undefined, so entire rhythm net, is represented as matrix of truth with infinite dimensions, no rhythm is ever destroyed, no choice is ever rejected. This is an ET system, but self-similarity is not mandatory, so it is not a true fractal, possibly fractal-like.

Unlike Turing, our tape (AjoChhand tape) needs four new steps, resonate (with a rhythm), expand (self-assembly of rhythms), Phase transition (of rhythms), and spontaneous reply (the rhythms). Self-similarity of shape/rhythm appears/disappears with time, as rhythms couple/decouple with other rhythms, changes the structural symmetry of matters to memorize particular set of frequencies for a rhythm. The entire tape network is never-ending resonance chain of coupled matters that vibrate with rhythm, means, local rhythms vibrate as a distinct entity in parts of the tape.

Since observer/user is also part of the rhythms of the tape-network, it senses by perpetual local synchrony and de-synchrony with various parts of the tape, thus, its “sensing” not computation by classical theory of computation.

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