Chemical Morphing

Growing massive 3D architecture: An advanced version of 3D printing where higher level chemical memory and condensation (SmritiSamkoch): We have developed a unique memory protocol in the synthesis, wherein advanced level intelligence could be used and synthesis could run in a loop until the entire architecture is constructed. “Nano to visible scale integrated chip production.”

The fundamental of brain jelly is that a magic molecule would do three tasks, execute a dynamics to replicate fractal reaction kinetics as encoded , and then three times condense into more complex structures and three times self-assembles into more complex network. This is a 1000 times spatial scale jump in the construction. A synthesis that begins at the atomic scale, ends at the hundreds of micrometers scale. The program is made at the synthesis level, and it reaches to the ultimate level of structure making, wherein self-correction of errors is naturally embedded in its growth process.

Here are 10 fundamental features of a chemical morphing process.

  1. Chemical morphing is a process of implementing the resonance frequency morphing of a natural phenomenon. We have explained the morphing process of information processing and decision making in regard to the Fractal tape. In case of a Fractal tape, we add a new Turing tape at every single cell of a Turing tape. Thus, we begin with a Turing tape but always ends into a tape that is nowhere defined. In this scenario, frequency morphing is a process by which a system mimics the information processing structure of a natural system. Note that this is not mimicking how a system looks like, rather, how a system vibrates.
  2. Implementation of the fractal cavity resonator physics: While designing the magic molecules for the implementation of chemical morphing we take utmost care that our number system derived mathematical structure of the  fractal cavity resonator. In fact the chemical morphing process is basically the synthesis of fractal cavity resonators.
  3. Filling up the gaps in the resonance chain: During chemical morphing the vibrations in the existing structure not only vibrates as its structure suggests, at the same time, it also vibrates like the future structure to be generated. That enables trapping of materials. This is what we observed during our microtubule experiment. This is how we believe a single cell zygote forms a fully grown baby.
  4. The fundamental difference between the physical morphing and the chemical morphing is that chemical morphing precedes the physical morphing. During chemical morphing the resonance frequency chain activates, but that is filled up, this is not about information morphing for the sake of decision making. Chemical morphing only makes the structure. Afterwards the physical morphing starts wherein the information that comes from outside generates rhythmic vibrations. During physical morphing that basically executes the information processing, the structures undergo various changes at all scales. Physical morphing is not possible without structural change, but not as much as it happens for the chemical morphing.
  5. Chemical morphing follows hierarchical control on the fractal reaction kinetics. This is what we have invented during our organic chemistry research. We have not only generated a higher level control on how reaction kinetics is being edited and fundamentally different kinetic constants are regulated in a predictable manner in a single chemical beaker.
  6.  Chemical morphing uses condensation to construct solid state structures. This condensation is not quantum mechanical but something similar. Instead of the collapse that we often characterize the condensation as  collapse of wave packet, we suggest nested time cycles sync and create a new time loop. One of the greatest advantage of fractal condensation is that it activates at various singularities at a time, and each of them activates with a distinct resonance frequency.
  7. Machines could be an output of chemical morphing. However, a new class of morphing could begin “progeny of chemical morphing“. Bi-furcation, tri-furcation and multi-furcation are fundamental processes by which unique sub routes of chemical morphing generates.
  8. Weak van der waals interactions play a fundamental role in the chemical morphing. H bonding Pi-Pi interactions etc. We do not follow conventional chemical reactions wherein covalent bonding plays an important role.
  9. Chemical morphing could be programmed in the molecular chain, using number system metric as the universal code, elementary oscillators are designed. Primary and secondary codes are formed following the process.
  10. Chemical morphing executes hierarchical multi-carrier routes of thermal breathing in the structure itself. Since we think about generating structures that starts from a few atomic diameters and finally reach to a point where one could visually observe complex structures, therefore, it is essential that various different kind of cavities of very different nature simultaneously co-exist in a single structure.








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