One of the finest application of our research would be in the medical treatment, starting from carrying out cellular operations using nano-submarine to sending sound codes via music to restore mental balance and triggering vital activity. Several such applications are possible because we are the first group in the world to detect vibrations and their frequency wheel like operations in a protein. We have also detected the existence of a resonance chain. Such a resonance chain, that links various organs could revolutionize the way we treat medical systems.

Medical treatment using music and rhythms: Increase aging to 120 years (SuroSusthi): We have killed cancer cells using mobile phone and our specific singing molecule, not we plan to cure advanced diseases like Alzheimers and Seizures and other neurological disorders. By pumping nested rhythms, balance is retrieved in disordered living system. “Musiceutical”.

Here are the 10 fundamental points that we need to know about musiceutical research.

  1. Since entire human body and every single organ are connected to a resonance chain until the atomic scale, it would be possible that we would manipulate the integrated chain at a particular location and then the whole chain will be edited. This manipulation could be carried out using nano-bots or even systems that only makes vibrations. Imagine, a person is kept at variable temperature environments as a function of time to treat some defects in the system at the cellular or molecular scale.
  2. Since we follow the philosophical principles of Fractal tape based decision making, our unit of information is time cycle and we have successfully designed and synthesised the nanobots that processes information like a fractal tape machine. Therefore we believe that we have nano-bots that speak the same language as the living system. Remote killing of virus.
  3. Using our own discovery of a geometric musical language we have developed an extremely detailed image conversion into music. This is not like the musification of images available in the market, wherein we find that a few sets of nice music is used and for a given set of sounds or information those music are played. Our geometric musical language is based on the protein’s vibration and number system theory. We make sure that geometric language follows the true frequency ratio relationship and other features of the band. Hence our studies
  4. disease taste of color
  5.  Here is a list of products that we envision making: i. Why not we have colors that smells like it should be, like some flowers, if u paint for hours, u feel vomit now due to bad chemicals in the paint.
    ii. Why don’t we have pictures that do math. You see the pictures and add it to a new one, why we should die with complex equations instead die with complex patterns.
    iii. Why not we make music that generates a true feeling, a simple set of sounds and its emotions, to begin with. Then, designer musical shop to give u the feeling.
    iv. Why not we find a grammar of tests for foods, color + smell + taste and its human variation to serve in a restaurant, say a card u carry, cook takes it and make food. 100% customer satisfaction.
    v. Why not we learn to sleep in awake, dream we want to see in sleep? We should be able to sleep when we are awake, and dream that we want to see.
    vi. Why not we have a language that anybody can understand, why should it be a word, why not a song. I sing a song, in response u sing a song.
    vii. Why not we understand the language of birds, animals. A language decoder.
    viii. Why not we connect all the people with mobile with one app, that detects the set of vibrations of all connected humans and we make a global map.
    ix. Why not we create map of minds across the globe who are nearest to me in thinking? Entangle with stranger.
    x. Why not we create 3D holograms of our beloved like parents and when they die we can talk to them as they could have been alive.
  6. We would like to specifically note that we are building evolving neural network for the brain surgery. With the musicals one could see and predict the changes in the wiring.
  7. Evolution of virus and proteins to be predicted, new synthetic proteins would be designed.
  8.  We would like to use geometric musical language as a language of 3D printer for the organ printing.
  9. Nanobot drugs could be used for singing to the cell or in scientific language, setting the vibrations right, i.e. fixing the resonance chain. We plan to use it for the wireless non-physical editing of a tissue, natural vibrational healing
  10. We are working as a team to find a set of frequencies to clean the brain deposits. We believe that the major problem of the human aging is the human deposit in the brain.


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