patents processed

A list of the 10 patents filed & issued on our brain building project:

Summary of filed patents (US, EU and Japanese, total 10 filed, 10 under prep):

  1. A vertical parallel processor (2006) JP-5187804 Anirban Bandyopadhyay, K. Miki (patent for FIT)
  2. Helical symmetries observed in proteins: An inductor made of arrayed capacitors (2010) Japanese patent has been issued on 20th August 2015 JP-511630 (world patent filed, this is the invention of fourth circuit element), Satyajit Sahu, Daisuke Fujita, Anirban Bandyopadhyay, US patent has been issued 9019685B2, 28th April 2015.
  3. (4397) 13-MS-097E JP A molecular chip that generates electrical power from free thermal noise               Subrata Ghosh        Daisuke Fujita       Anirban Bandyopadhyay        2014-075198           4/1/2014
  4. (4414) 13-MS-095E JP Thermal Noise Driven Molecular Rotor  Subrata Ghosh        Satyajit Sahu           Daisuke Fujita         Anirban Bandyopadhyay      2014-091141           4/25/2014
  5. (4445) 13-MS-096E JP Sensor, molecular machine, and controller attached programmable nano-robot      Subrata Ghosh        Anirban Bandyopadhyay      Daisuke Fujita         2014-126549           6/19/2014
  6. (4469) 13-MS-098E JP A continuously self-assembling material Subrata Ghosh        Anirban Bandyopadhyay        Daisuke Fujita                         2014-161746           8/7/2014
  7. (4512) 13-MS-099E JP A supramolecular architecture creation by successive phase transitions and radiations, Subrata Ghosh, Satyajit Sahu, Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Daisuke Fujita 2014-219958,       10/29/2014
  8. (4700) 13-MS-101E JP Spiral capacitor-inductor device              Subrata Ghosh        Satyajit Sahu           Anirban Bandyopadhyay                Daisuke Fujita         2015-253320           12/25/2015
  9. (4977) 13-MS-100E JP Universal Geometric-musical language for big data processing in an assembly of clocking resonators, Anirban Bandyopadhyay,     Subrata Ghosh, Daisuke Fujita, 2017-150171, 8/2/2017
  10. 10. (4978) 13-MS-102E         JP            Human brain like intelligent decision-making machine           Anirban Bandyopadhyay        Subrata Ghosh                Daisuke Fujita,        2017-150173           8/2/2017

A list of 15 patents under review will be filed by 2020

  1. Development of simultaneous 64 pixel dielectric scanning microscope
  2. Fluxgate ultra-low magnetic field scanner at room temperature
  3. Topological control of fourth circuit element Hinductor
  4. Fractal engineering in an wide frequency bandwidth incubator.
  5. Time crystal pen made of coaxial atom probe
  6. Anti-ageing therapy using proteins and vibrations
  7. Rapid killing of cancer cells and Alzheimers using nano-bot
  8. Time crystal based tricoder to read human health
  9. 3D topological language reader and translator
  10. Water crystal based machines for harvesting noise
  11. Psi-Q measuring device for testing a fourth circuit element
  12. 3D oscilloscope as holographic scanner
  13. Neurosurgery robotic measurement system
  14. 10^-21 watt measuring system for testing systems
  15. GHz lock-in amplifier


Here are 15 papers on the nano brain that we have completed and waiting to be published by 2020.
1. Quantum geometric language to operate a nanobot
2. Harvesting thermal energy in a chip (TEMS)
3. Topological beyond quantum fractal mechanics in biomaterials
4. Hidden circuits of a neural network
5. Topological time crystals formed by a neuron as it grows
6. Why synapses stick together?
7. Fractal clocks in a neural network
8. Cleaning beta plaques for wireless treatment of aging
9. Wireless killing of cancer cells (single DNA-PCMS study)
10. Complete dielectric resonator model of a human brain
11. 12 metric of primes governing the uncertainties of the universe
12. A geometric language of pattern recognition & spontaneous learning
13. Hidden information in DNA: self-assembly of arguments
14. Time crystal model of a human brain: what is information, how does it integrate?
15. A marriage between fractal Turing tape and time crystal.

Here are the 15 works that would be produced from our lab in developing the artificial brain by 2025.
1. Continued fraction geometric alzebra (CFGA): can we calculate infinite series mathematics simply by drawing patterns?
2. Super non-conductivity as an alternate mean to generate quantum properties at room temperature
3. Super-criticality and geometric phase regulation of ferroelectricity of biomaterials
4. Development of an algorithm free instantaneous decision making computer
5. How to detect proteins using its time crystal
6. Collective condensation at multi-point singularities
7. How time crystals hold geometric shapes in a biomaterial
8. Thermal breathing of microtubule and tubulin (soliton transmission)
9. e^2 + phi^2 = Pi^2
10. Fractal interference using time crystals
11. Language of dynamic instability, geometric musical language
12. Wireless communication by noise activated magnetic field modulation in artificial microtubule
13. Phase prime metric’s predictive ability
14. Quantum entanglement in the biomaterials
15. How phase prime metric generates fundamental principles of physics to govern universe.

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