Fractome data shrink

Fractal seed based data shrinking/retrieval (BramhaChaturbhuja):

Our simulator shrinks any sensory data only to a few bits and regenerate entire information to its original accuracy. The 3D geometry in which information is packed is a nested time cycle. We have often argued that the current data deluge problem of the world is due to wrong information theory. We suggest that if the world full of data is converted into our form of information storage and processing then the big data problem would never arise. Here are some of the reasons why do we suggest a better solution to the global problem.

  1. The perception of space and mass is converted into a perception of time: This is one incredible feature of our information processing, we run the time cycle, the observer is also a time cycle. The relative interaction between the observer and the observed determines whether the observer would see it as solid or empty, thus, one does not need to store the pixel by pixel, some of the higher level time cycles if stored are enough, because the lowest levels could be approximated largely.
  2. Nested clock data retrieval is simple and easy to do. This is an instantaneous feature, the system that is under operation would lock into the system and depending on its own time scale it would lock with the resonance chain at that time scale which matches its operation. Thus, it would always get the “instantaneous” response due to the effect of fractal clocking.
  3. Spontaneous reply is another incredible feature to execute search without searching. The circuit is not essential.
  4. Harmonic and inharmonic data encryption: We have used the tricks of the proteins vibration to generate a new kind of data encryption. We use harmonic and anharmonic frequency as the data, the full data will be generated only when u have the nested hierarchical time code, if you do not have that, you can never finish searching the right code.
  5. We use geometric musical language that is more fundamental than ever. It uses much less information than the original “bits” one.
  6. Due to the fractal concept data grows inside, not in volume but faster in time. Its a fixed space.
  7. Due to morphing the data is closer to the original dynamics encoded by nature.
  8. The data is stored in a dynamic fractal cavity resonator network, hence, the system evolves with time and editing does not require changing the whole circuit.
  9. Information shrinks by itself in the hardware due to normal course of evolution of information network. Normally, in the Turing based information processing, we need to find better algorithm to shrink data. However, due to spontaneous interaction the time cycles finds simpler and shorter connectivity. Therefore, shrinking process is spontaneous and perpetual.
  10. Information connects beyond boundary, it means the fractal information theory that we use for processing the information, connects beyond the storage and data processing system. Universal integration with the informations of natural system enables the information storage and processing device continuously sensing the changes in the environment. This is one of the most important criterion of data shrinking, when the resonance chain of nature and the resonance chain of the information processing and decision making system integrates and tries perpetually minimizing the mismatch.

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