How nature processes GHz data or THz data or pHz data? It looks into all, but saves interesting patterns at all time scales simultaneously!

Published July 26, 2017 by anirbanbandyo

While developing the technology for the new age computer we encountered a severe problem. We found that at the rate of GHz we have 10^9 bits of data per second. Then, for THz we have 10^12 bits of data per second, and then finally for pHz or LASER induced capture, we find that we are generating 10^15 bits per seconds (flops). How to manage them? We simply can’t existing science or technology can’t. Of course we have peta-flop computers but those are only to show that we have it. When the time comes to look into various data sets at that speed, those who operated with peta-flop machines know very well that simultaneously operating at GHz, THz, pHz is just impossible. We have to transfer data at the same rate, and adjust speeds with other clocking speed data transfer and then find useful relations between them. By the time we understand its intelligence trillions of bits will be waiting for us asking “Hi, mister”

I had rigorous conversations with our chief scientist Martin at IIoIR ( I told him looking at his concerns, look, we will not take any data as points, we will add them to topology, and modify the topology made of a few bits. Then, you wont have to worry about all this huge data sets. Like in the 1800 a movement was in India “go back to Vedas”, because of massive abuse from British-Christianity invasion, the route was to go back to the basics. Even now, the route is to go back to the cavemen to find inspiration from geometry and topology.

It is so nice to say that we will take a topology and start building on this topology. But doing it in reality is extremely difficult. If we do not know the skeleton of the information architecture of the universe we cannot start anywhere. This is why we need a phase prime metric, just like astrophysics used a metric to build the space time correlations of the universe we need to build a similar metric of pattern or topology. Where we can add.

When we are looking into the patterns produced at the femto-seconds time scale we do not need to see how the pattern would look like in the pico seconds time scale. We might need to make detailing of some of the patterns we see for hours (micro-hertz), then we can look into some of its important topology in the seconds scale, it zooms and finds some interesting topology at the microseconds scale, then, finds some more. The journey goes on and on to the femto second time scale. But who decides the interest? This is done by two factors. First one is memory and second one is phase prime metric that contains map of all possible uncertainties.

So, we are going to do just that in the conventional electronics hardware. Do not see all the data, because it is impossible, but inspired by the universal links between topologies we get into building a multi-time-scale topology of our own. Who knows you may be creating that at this moment in your brain now.


Ten defining features of a frequency fractal computer, AjoChhand

Published May 20, 2017 by anirbanbandyo






H=Hierarchical (higher level)


H=Heuristic (without programming)



Then, we can

(i) Search a massive database without searching (spontaneous reply).

(ii) Multiple nested clocks one inside another enable “a virtual instant decision making”,

(iii) No programming is required as “cycles self-assemble/dis-assembly for better sync at all possible time scales simultaneously”.

(iv) “Phase space” keeps “volume intact” as required resources only increases phase density not a real space;

(v) Perpetual spontaneous editing of slower time cycles (creation/destruction/defragmentation) “prepare for unknown” = higher-level learning.

(vi) We introduce “fractal resolution”, a complex signal’s lowest and fastest time scale signals are absorbed. simultaneously, & during expansion, the fractal seed delivers full output, from a seed of information (drastic shrinking of data).

(vii) The superposition of simultaneously operating million paths assembles into a sphere enables “extreme parallelism”. In quantum, only one Bloch sphere, here sphere inside a sphere inside a sphere…

(viii) Time cycle is memory, rotation along the cycle is processing, are same events, “no transport needed between memory and processing units”, no wiring.

(ix) No logic gate, no reduction of choices, which ensures that “speed” is irrelevant.

(x) All sensory information is converted to one geometric language that allows “perception”, a yellow color could have a taste. Perception is not a programming as wrongly perceived.

Will unknown remain unknown? Are we making a computer or a user?

Published April 20, 2017 by anirbanbandyo

Often we get confused that we are not making a real computer, but we are making an user. Because we do not have an user after the computer is constructed. The computer runs by itself. But then, who is the original driver? The metric of primes created by us exclusively for the computer, runs the show inside its core hardware. What is a metric? And why a metric would have the power to do remarkable things?

When we work on building a metric, like good old days of astrophysics, we are becoming as religious as Turing machine. In astrophysics, theoreticians used to have a space time metric, while doing complex math, students used to refer to the metric time to time and retrieve all essential data to solve planetary problems.  Similarly for Artificial Intelligence we have introduced a new metric of primes. The idea is to hack nature and make a computer that can generate most patterns that we see in nature, so that unknown is known. How to perfectly build an effective prime metric architecture is to be a matter of investigation for longer time, but, it cannot be ruled out that the concept to use a prime metric as a prime decision maker is a new concept altogether.

The existing information theory is based on the idea of the known. Now, we have introduced a new information theory, FIT, (Fractal Information Theory), wherein we have put tools to bridge two known domains through an unknown path. This is an important change from the era of information theory that was existing for the last century.

What is the trick that I know the unknown? We can do it if we build a universal metric that keeps all possible solutions, just like the space-time metric that is being used for nearly a century with little modifications to discover new and new physical phenomenon that was never known. If we are not surprised how a space time metric discovered in the 1920s is able to provide us new and new discoveries over a century, we should not be surprised that a similar metric for AI. Of course this is not a known culture in AI, but we feel that people would get accustomed with this with our simple DIY (Do it Yourself) kits that we are building now.

Imagine you have two parts of a music, and you have a kit that would combine two parts of the music with a new one in the middle, and that new music would make a sense to your mind. Similar things would be true in handling a large data, it would generate unseen patterns in the big data. The reason we want a DIY kit is that every people in the world could get a free access to the information revolution that we want. This is not about making money, but transforming the way we live in the world of unpredictability, where economics is worse than astrology, virus are transforming themselves in a pattern in which we do not even have any data.

The beauty of our computing is that we get the total picture at once. Then, more the time pass by, more the information arrives, from 50% reliability to 66% reliability to 72% reliability to 76% reliability to… the journey moves on towards 99% reliability, beyond which not possible to achieve. Absolute reliability is a trademark of the existing computers, but for us, “zooming the unknown” as a function of time and more detailed input is the key.

Our product computer would be a toy to change the perspective about this world. Not just playing game, if we are in an unknown territory about which we have absolutely no information, then, our product computer or user can provide a good overview, instantly with 66% success rate. Uncharted territories are increasing everyday with the data explosion. If we humans do not have a technology to estimate what is there in the uncharted territory we cannot do anything. Accidents would create massive havoc to the human society.

  1. Imagine a virus is silently evolving into a dangerous species. Some prime metric hardware is there to perpetually track the development of the virus evolution and perfecting the prediction to monitor its evolution. Thus, it could estimate the terror threat well in advance.
  2. From the Microwave background data of the universe, it could estimate the structure of the universe partially.
  3. From the massive data flow of the internet, it could find patterns of threats, like cyber attack.
  4. It can monitor and predict all possible climate change, where the future predictions are not possible due to complexity.
  5. It can monitor individual health over years and learn about individual health crisis well in advance. Typical heath problems exclusive to a person could be identified and cared.
  6. Economics will become a scientific subject of study as the computer would build predictable models perfecting it over time.
  7. Social science and psychology will become a scientific subject as verifiable predictable models would be there, that could be rejected or accepted by logic.
  8. General science would get a tool to study absolute property of a system, not a fitting model, thus, even scientific studies would get a better cross checker of its conclusions.
  9. Evolution of life could be tracked scientifically, not just in the past, but also the future to be predicted.
  10. Life like machines of the future will come, which would have their own operation life time and after a certain time, they will die just like living systems.



Ten unique features of the brain like computer that we are building

Published February 1, 2017 by anirbanbandyo

We are starting today 1st February 2017 design-construction of the artificial brain. I hope that we will be able to (1) Musiceuticals: cure disease without medicine by applying set of vibrational frequencies, (2) Increased human sense bandwidth: enhance consciousness by increasing the sensing ability of a human, (3) Halt ageing related processes significantly, (4) understanding of the language of nature and every life form, thus, understanding the nature as is and talking to every life form (5) predict intelligence where we cannot find any logic, e.g. earthquake etc, or beyond logic intelligence (6) Science of human behavior, society, economics etc scientifically define human behaviors and several responses which remained thus far, thus, treating brain disorders logically. (7) Simulate beyond limit or knowledge, extrapolation to a domain where no knowledge available. This is a technology that could generate something that it has never encountered, hence we can simulate astrophysics (8) Noise would replace signal, hence we would enter into the era of ultra-low power. (9) Predict and scientifically study evolution (science of evolution). (10) Harmonic technology: Create a culture, art technology that harmonizes with nature, change the way currently every single machine, processed food is an enemy to nature.

Here are the 10 features of the computer that makes it unique in the world. (1) It does not have any software program (no software). (2) It runs by white noise, better randomness in noise is preferred. (3) It uses ultra low power. (4) It runs 24-7 as it evolves its wiring by itself for learning. (5) It never performs a search yet finds what it seeks (no search). (6) It follows geometric-clocking language or principles of composing music to do everything. (7) It has a unified homogeneous fractal hardware for everything, learning changes them. (8) The computer is made of one element only, clocks; considers only parameter phase. (9) It explores singularity and used fractal mechanics, nothing to do with classical or quantum. (10) No wiring a completely wireless connection.


Consciousness is music of the primes

Published November 30, 2016 by anirbanbandyo


SocPros 2016, IEEE conference, Agra, India Dec 2016


The paper describes ten scientific concepts developed by us over a decade, to understand the consciousness.

First concept is the “colony of the immortals“. Universe is a life inside a life inside a life from the end of cosmos to the smallest scale. Each life is a nest of time cycles (clocks), wherein there is a host who lives several orders of time longer than the guests sitting on its perimeter (e.g. neuron lives much longer than other living cells).

Second concept is the “flute of Krishna“, it is a network of flutes, kept side by side and one inside another. Each flute is a fractal cavity resonator, so is the neuron and even proteins, vibrates like a wheel of frequencies.

Third concept is the “bing bang balloon“, here we reject Turing & propose our own fractal tape. In this fractal information theory (FIT) that operates by Geometric Musical Language (GML), wherein entire universe is a self-assembled Bloch spheres. Here, the Bloch sphere of a Qudit includes rhythm to expand perpetually.

Fourth concept is the “tear drop of primes“, the number of tunes that the flute of Krishna noted above could play if plotted against numbers gives the most fundamental symmetry of the universe. As the numbers increase, it repeats the triplet of triplet made of teardrop to ellipsoid.

Fifth, a “chameleon of nested phase”, a fractal network of geometric phase represents everything in the universe, mass, space, time and all fundamental constants. Every single force, symmetry of the universe is regulated by teardrop of primes, but implemented by a chameleon of nested phase.

Sixth concept is the “geometries of continued fractions of Brahman“, in all life forms geometry = nested cycle of continued fractions. Multiple infinite series governing the universe are evolution of geometric shapes.

Seventh is the “repentance of morphing“, a nested time cycle always oscillates to fix into the most feasible diameter, or a defined clock, but it fails due to the continuous expansion of the information architecture or the self-assembled Bloch spheres (bing bang balloon). Thus, an ideal morphing could never be done.

Eighth, “an imaginary life of three infinities: e, pi, phi and i“. These four infinite series set the grammar of dynamics of every single system of the universe, these are fundamental to all.

Nine, “harvesting noise by a magnetic personality“, we have invented a new fourth circuit element Hinductor to mimic a biomaterials vibrations.

Tenth, “hot dance of proteins in its own Raga“; the absorption band of the biomaterials shows how it exploits triplet of triplet band for nested clocks that itself-dances to make a pi. The drive to make a pi is the origin of all rhythms we see in the universe.


Why do we have spirals everywhere in Nature?

Published November 28, 2016 by anirbanbandyo

The largest number of confusing articles we can find in nature regarding the origin of spirals in nature. No one knows why does it happen, and starts “sacred”, magical, hidden secret of the universe. Well, abundance of the spirals does make us amazed, but not enough to feel that it is god’s choice. “We find spirals in the DNA double helix, sunflowers, the path of draining water, weather patterns (including hurricanes), vine tendrils, phyllotaxis (the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem), galaxies, the horns of various animals, mollusc shells, the nautilus shell, snail shells, whirlpools, ferns and algae”. The reason for the spiral is simple.

There are four numbers e, phi and pi, they are also connected by i, e^2 + phi^2 = pi^2. Therefore if a term increases by unity fraction it is phi, if a number increases as production of fraction it is e, when both of their square increases it twists the angle to a difference plane, try an orthogonal triangle, you would see how 60 degree and 30 degree angles between the triangle would change, when it completes to circularly covered path we got to complete the pi. This is the reason for forming a spiral. Not the equation but the physical significance of e and phi suggests the most simplest form of growth of a material, one is additive and the other is multiplicative. Most of us are unaware of the physical significance of e and phi, a little google search would show that there are plenty of articles which suggest why and how these two series are the simplest route to account for growth.

The identity requires a 3D term to accommodate mismatch, e^2 + phi^2 + z^2 = pi^2. Then we get z= i/e this is also another series with a phase that changes the term. There is a orthogonal phase editing that helps creating a vortex from spiral.

Origin of spiral or vortex is hidden in the physical significance of e and phi, its continued fraction expressions, that brings them into a half circle.

The criminality of Quantum Biology: How Quantum advocates fool us

Published November 4, 2016 by anirbanbandyo
Every single molecule in the entire human brain and the body is a quantum mechanical device. Not just that a giant crystal that we can hold in our hand is a quantum device. The living body is full of quantum devices. A virus is just a crystal of molecules, so it is a quantum device. The point is that every single molecule in the entire world in every living species is a Quantum device, and they all have spins in the entangled state. We do not need to prove this separately. Alas, people are now taking molecules one by one and proving that the molecule is quantum mechanical and then extend the boon of quantum to a biological phenomenon and suggest look the phenomenon is quantum. But the Quantum advocates do it with a trick, they, use their words carefully, to hint it enough and let the journalists do their job.
The gap between the two is enormous, before fooling the scientific community at large, one must understand that one major step is missing. But this is serious. This article I am writing only to warn that these marketing tricks is nothing but criminality, an honest quantum advocate must clearly hint that connecting a biological phenomenon and the quantum effect is far fetched.
So in summary, the advocates of Quantum biology takes a molecule, shows quantum entanglement in the molecular system, and then speculates using their wild imagination that it helps in fundamental biological activity. For example FMO complex in the plant leaves. In the protein complex, there is entanglement, but, how does that helps in photosynthesis? Can it be shown how exactly a chemical reaction is harnessing the entanglement? No. The problem is that no one did this experiment and even without doing this difficult job, they claim that it increases the efficient energy transfer. Because that is so obvious, it is a faith, it is a believe, it is a selling spree.
Science is where we do not use believe or faith we design simple experiments to support our needs. Here our need is a correlation experiment. Where entanglement would continue even implementing the photosynthetic chemical reaction. If we fail to show this, then, definitely, we are just proving FMO is quantum which even if we would not have proved, mattered a bit. On many occasions we could argue that artificial coherent wave originated from the half-silvered glass and a laser source, how does that happen in the biological system? Our research should focus on that point first.
The same applies for our microtubule research also, we have shown it is Quantum, but it proves nothing that brain is a Quantum device, or any information processing in the brain at all happens Quantum mechanically. But wait, we started our work there and looked deep into the system over the years. And we did what the general quantum entanglement research was missing. We found a new structure of information in the microtubule and then also discovered its integration rules, which just, not a perfect Quantum mechanics, but a new form of Quantum mechanics which is much more generic than Quantum mechanics plays the role.
We have not finished our research but trying to find a way out, if there is no Quantum, then, that is fine, but then what is new then? We suggest it is Fractal mechanics, a completely new form of quantum mechanics where you do not do renormalization, but dig deep inside the singularity and harness its features with the fundamental understanding of choices of vibrations. In other words, we follow the geometric pattern of vibrations to map the singularity path and therein lies the route to integrate fractal mechanics, classical mechanics and Quantum mechanics. This mechanics holds some properties of Quantum mechanics and that could easily be integrated over a long distance, and it harness thermal THz radiation, so heat is not an enemy but it is a necessity.
  1. L. Agrawal, K. Ray, D. Fujita, A. Bandyopadhyay, Fractal Information Theory (FIT) derived Geometric Musical Language (GML) for brain inspired hypercomputing; Advanced Intelligence System and Computing AISC, Procedings of Soft computing conference SocPros 2016, Springer.
  2. L. Agrawal, S. Ghosh, B. Ghosh, K. Ray, S. Sahu, D. Fujita, A Bandyopadhyay; Replacing Turing tape with a Fractal tape: a new information theory, associated mechanics and decision making without computing, Consciousness: Integrating Indian and Western perspective. Chapter 6, 87-159 (2016). Delhi, India.