Spiro ferro elec

Mechanical/electromechanical instrument design: Radical design proposals for unique mechanics and electronics (YantraTattwa): Beyond Neutons laws, manipulating machines with Reynaulds number, spiral symmetry based piezo-pyro-ferroelectric materials for electromechanics. We would create a wide ranges of products using our unique concept of the fourth circuit element that we call Hinductor, second, we would use fractal mechanics, the third the synthesis of ET and IFS fractals (“side by side” and “inside and above” fractals), the fractal condensation, and the three fundamentals of our new information theory, (1) Resonance chain or frequency wheel, (ii) 10 laws of constructing non-equative arguments or beyond Russel-Turing-complete arguments (iii) Morphing.

We will use all the findings together to build “spiral + tear-drop” like wide ranges of electronics, mechanics and fractal mechanical products.

  1. Fourth circuit element: Hinductor: A linear variation of the charge storage with the magnetic flux produced in the system could bring about an unprecedented world of electronics. Features that we hardly expect from the current world of electronics whether the fundamental elements are L, C and R. This device is fundamentally different from the existing memristor. We are building several versions of this device for the commercial applications.
  2. Electro-mechanical: Magneto-mechanical, Opto-mechanical, Thermo-mechanical transducer: Using our experience on the fractal cavity resonator based thermal breathers, we are studying the possibility of harnessing the mechanical force and mechanical response into various aspects of nanotechnology. In the nano-systems, mechanical transducers have enormous applications. We want to explore this particular feature for the advanced usage just like the living systems use.
  3. Condensation catalyst: We have observed fractal condensation, which means simultaneous condensation into several singular points, imagine 8 resonance frequencies working together and condensing a material. We want to re-design materials and synthesize products that would artificially select the frequencies and build the materials that would simultaneously condense into various compositions of fractal structures. Not just condensing the materials planes we also want to condense the carriers following the similar routes.
  4. Magical Morphing Seed: We have already created a magical molecule based on the dendrimer platform which eventually generates the brain jelly. We use the spiral and tear drop to ellipse geometry structures as the prime synthetic structure generators. All these structures have some properties common, (i) all are piezo, pyro ferro, (ii) all have fractured band (iii) all follow the number system metric during chemical morphing or fractal cavity resonator synthesis (iv) all structures formed on the way to the chemical morphing demonstrates the physical morphing (absorbing the nested time cycles or mimicking the resonance chain of a natural phenomenon).
  5. Ultralow power breather: From protein and microtubule experiments we have seen that the materials use 10^-22 Watts and still executes extremely powerful operations. We have learnt that the fusion breathing of multiple forms of energy is the reason for these properties. Therefore we can inspire from the thermal breather technology that we have learnt from microtubule and then we can apply the same concept on the general synthetic design of the materials. What we do is (i) create soliton, (ii) make the soliton transmission pathway (iii) manage noise. Thus, there is no resistor to power loss.
  6. Cloaking metamaterial: Since the material synchronizes with a wide ranges of materials therefore we can design and synthesise a wide ranges of cloaking materials wherein we can synchronize the system with a particular kind of materials resonance band and then radiate out the same information or nested time cycles through the other side of the material. In fact, that is what we mathematically argue for several cases of our decision making and fractal information processing theory. For example, we argued “spontaneous reply”, we have argued for “simultaneous vibration of the entire resonance chain” which means all the frequency bands vibrate together, some frequency holds more intensity and some less, but there is never a way that a frequency band is destroyed.
  7. Nested cycle data encryption coder decoder: We have described in details while discussing the data deluge problem that using the composition of harmonic and anharmonic vibrations it is possible to build a data encryptor where we store the information as slower rhythms and the higher level rhythms are generated only by the user who knows the linking between the waveforms.
  8. Fractal cavity resonator synthesis coder: DNA is a genetic code and we consider microtubule as a thermodynamic code. We want to use DNA like code that reads our number system metric as the true information source which is the secondary code for the DNA. The use of dual code to be used as a fundamental synthetic encoder. We are now designing a simulator that would help us to design DNA analogues.
  9. Universal electro-magneto-photo-mechanical fractal harmonic oscillator: Nested time cycle is the hallmark of our research spread over a decade. How to make that device? This is possible when we would realize a multi-field device with a mechanical change. It means, we need fractal structure, that is fine, but we also need electric, magnetic fields and many other fields if implementable include in the cavity resonators, so that mechanical changes are such that it acts as a periodic oscillator of electric, magnetic, ionic or several different kinds of parameters. Then, why do we need the mechanical changes, because we need that to store information in the time cycle.
  10. Spiral fractal piezo-pyro-ferro material detector:  Since mechanical change is a fundamental property that we need in a fractal cavity resonator, piezoelectric property is a natural feature, similarly due to thermal breathing we get pyro and ordered arrangement of dipoles we get ferroelectric property. Thus, the fractal cavity resonator naturally builds a new kind of piezo-pyro-ferro device.


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