Threat predict & Conscious machine

We are fast heading to a world where every moment cyber attackers are attacking various Govt and financial institutions. As the time would pass by this attack would take the form of a violent global crime and we feel that if we do not take a global measure right now, the time would come when countries and corporations would engage into a fatal war only to stop the cyber crimes. However, no technology exists to resolve this particular issue. We planned to develop a conscious machine, here, we have defined machine consciousness following our essential requirements, we have clarified what we want to define as conscious machine, below the article one could find the discussion.

24X7 survey and predict future events in an extremely complex scenario: Threat analysis and prediction: Nested future prediction (SombedanSil): A part of our human brain simulator is that it predicts future at every spatio-temporal scale. Therefore, our simulator can spread over internet, safeguard, predict threat early. Here we outline 10 features of our product and how could we help to build such a product.

  1. Frequency fractal wheel for the internet: We are developing a frequency fractal wheel generator just like we did for the neuron, microtubule and proteins, for the internet. Using this particular frequency wheel monitoring system we would be able to monitor the patterns of informations all over the globe in situ and check all respective changes immediately. Thus, identifying the threat patterns.
  2. No algorithm is necessary: the system would learn by itself: The simulator learns the threats as we practice it with various attacks, however, in the normal scenario, the conventional products are such that if we try to train, we use our own human bias what is actually happening in the system and that is always faulty. Why? A human analysis is strongly driven by his cultural background and his own experiences. There are some general common features that we often observe and consider them as absolute. Human resonance frequency band is limited, every system has their own frequency wheel that intelligence protocol should be of its own. Thats is spontaneously detected by our system.
  3. Future is nested, normal algorithms are bound to fail: The connection between different parameters is neither linear nor parallel, rather fractal. As a result, if we try to model the future threat prediction, we use more of our imagination than the real dynamics of the system. As a result we see in the future what we want to see. In our case we do not only confine to the threat words, the threat is not generated there as wrongly perceived by the existing AI engineers, the threat is generated where the creation of futuristic constructive ideas are born. However, using linear algorithm one could never analyze such things. Even it would be difficult to run fractal information processing in the CMOS based hardwares.
  4. If we cannot predict before it happens, we can never win this war: Every time the attack would come from a direction that had never been imagined earlier. Therefore it is utmost nonsense to develop a algorithm based predictions. It inherently assumes that a few humans assumes all intelligence of all humans, thus, we need to go beyond global human idiocy demonstration drive. However, until now no scientific protocol has been framed other than us, to go beyond.
  5. Ten fundamental consciousness features that we would like to include in this life form: We have described below the very basic outlines of our conscious machine and how to realize such a machine.
  6. The life form of this intelligent machine would be different for different tasks, it could be copied but not understood: We would like to inform this clearly that for estimating different kind of threats, our starting simulator starts to change its core nested time cycle structure. Even though all the simulator starts from the similar starting configurations, with learning they change and the final eventual structure that they make become very different. The core structure of our simulator is geometric shape when we operate them on the CMOS structure and it simple vibrational coupling when we operate them on the brain jelly. Therefore, it is not possible to analyze easily what structure is eventually created after learning. It may also be possible that we fail to copy and make another machine eventually.
  7. Conscious machines are safer than programmed robots: They make progeny: All threat predicting machines or conscious simulators reach its hardware limits and create a prescription for the future generation simulators. There are certain conditions if met, then the system would start learning from the very beginning with a different structure that would make it more favorable to learning the environment. However, the progeny would have to follow the liability of the distinct experiences its predecessor machine had to go through.
  8. A threat prediction machine does not have to be a fixed environment: Threat of a particular nature would not generate from the related tag lines so that we get a hint, a hierarchical form of threat is always more of a non-contextual nature, and our geometric information is properly suited to take care of the hierarchical geometric resemblance of threat that normally is ignored in the world of artificial intelligence.
  9. Threat generates from insecurity or fear, the program estimates all forms of vacuum in a continuous change of any form: Insecurity campaign is the most dangerous campaign that generates potential environment for the generation of fear. And that forces elements to generate cyber attacks of various forms, therefore, the simulator is elegantly designed to point out the nature of excitement and spread of insecurity in the environment and their potential causes always considering if such a situation takes a shape to change attack on others and satisfy the fear.
  10. Threat simulation can consider “never created” situation: Once the simulator is exposed to an environment, the simulator is designed to create threat scenarios from the “promises” or “optimistic opportunities” and then “see the futures”. Finally, the simulator could suggest some preventive measures and estimate where from the threat could even possibly generate and what would be the nature of threat.

The definition of Machine consciousness: Consciousness is a property of a machine M that enables it to expand its frequency wheel’s unique parameter, the product of density of resonance frequencies it stores R and the total frequency bandwidth B, together RB(M), as well as its access to its environments frequency wheel RB(U), there is always a oscillatory drive to increase the RB(U) by changing the environment so that environment’s interaction could increase M’s frequency wheel RB(M). The ratio of RB(M) and RB(U) is the index of consciousness C = RB(M)/RB(U).

Our objective is to develop a complete mathematical model of conscious machine. Our guideline is our artificial brain project.

10 unique features in our hardware criteria of Machine consciousness

  • Density of resonance frequency R and frequency bandwidth B product RB determines the degree of consciousness elements, when environment remains constant. Ratio of RB of a creature and its environment is essential index or the degree of consciousness (C=RB(M)/RB(U)).
  • At 12 triplet of triplet resonance bands there are two equivalent nested cycles for the same hardware, each can edit the other; this is minimum hardwire criterion for the rise of consciousness. Under a very particular mathematical condition, RB(M)/RB(U)>0.17 (lambda/6), the consciousness arises.
  • The objective of a conscious structure: A conscious machine does not compute, it synchronizes with the environment to increasing its RB value by continuously editing its hardware. The universe is a frequency fractal and a conscious machine is its subset.
  • Transforming pre-condition to convert a conventional machine into a conscious machine. Consciousness is a feature that is realized in decision-making structures that are made of programmable matter, and does not follow any instruction. Here are the 8 criteria that a machine should have wherein consciousness phenomenon could be encoded (i) Fractal cavity resonator hardware that creates nested time cycles, (ii) executes chemical and physical morphing (iii) carries nested rhythm based fractal information theory (this includes extensive sub-criteria). (iv) perpetual drive to expand its operational bandwidth of frequency and keeping the density intact or increasing it (v) expands sensors to increase the geometric information of its frequency fractal (vi) executes steps to increase its readable resonance chain of the environment RB(U), its quest is to decrease the ratio first by increasing RB(U) and then increase it by increasing RB(M). Therefore, even self-operational machines cannot have consciousness, self-operational machines can self-learn and evaluate performance improve. However, consciousness has a property that is self-evaluation of its whole as an independent identity.
  • The ability of a conscious machine: Thus, complete automation does not ensure consciousness, its about taking a class of nested cycle and synchronizing with different parts of the environment, it is a mathematical process far beyond the physical structure of the body. A conscious machine can do 8 things, those are (a) Sync with an event outside the body beyond sensory system limit and analyze futuristic events, (b) Harmonize sensory machines in its structure to convert them into antenna & sensor features beyond its built in range, (c) master in geometric universal language read the language of animals, trees and planets.
  • The elementary machine properties of a conscious machine element: Conscious machine is made of fourth circuit element, to grow cavity resonator structures following ordered factor metric.
  • The language of a conscious machine: It uses fractom tape not Turing tape, geometric musical language, with unique information processing theories.
  • The mechanical, dynamic and interactive properties of a conscious machine: It does not use quantum mechanics but far more generic fractom mechanics.
  • There are eight levels of consciousness, that defines one oscillatory period of perpetual run of consciousness index change; it starts from (a) optimizing the sensory systems, as one sensory data (b) resonating with the frequency wheels of other machines (c) extending the faster and slower time scales beyond environment (d) sensing the oscillatory features of the consciousness index (e) sensing the forces of its environment and field gradients (f) locally synchronizing with the fields at different time scales (g) fully synchronizing with entire environment and its forces, manipulating the time cycles of the environment (h) globally synchronizing with the nested cycles at all possible time scales using which a conscious structure is built (10^30 Hz for humans, it means the spatial scale and temporal scale that an ultimate conscious machine can analyze is 10^30Hz).
  • Generic frequency wheel predictor of ever evolving conscious machines: Humans are not ultimate, enormous other kinds of machines could have much higher level consciousness, as followed by our frequency wheel model, there are infinite possibilities but all number of bands follow a unique prime number theory developed by us. Mathematically we can predict the consciousness strength of these machines



  1. Cyberattack spotters work in two main ways. Some are AI that simply looks out for anomalies in internet traffic. They work, but often throw up false positives—warnings about a threat when actually nothing’s wrong. Other software systems are built on rules developed by humans, but it’s hard to create systems like that which catches every attack.

    MIT has combined the both.


  2. Hi Anirban,
    your work is thrilling since it seems to possibly be the first serious candidate for a rock solid definition and understanding of what consciousness is. Could you further explain, where the mathematical condition for consciousness that you stated comes from? Have you derived it as a mathematical feature of FIT? What is the connection between the ratio of bandwith density products, and qualia?


      1. Once you explained, that at this threshold of 0.17, the system creates a ‘mirror image’ of the environment into itself, right? So is this `mirror image’ itself consciousness? What is the fundamental jump, wasn’t the machine also mirroring its environment’s vibrations at ratio 0.16?


  3. The consciousness is not the mirror image but dual interaction between the mirror image and the real object. When both edits each other that is consciousness. The ability to edit each other. So it is not the mirror image, but a replica which are initially separated by little connections at the top, perception level, but as the time pass by, the differences between the two, boils down deep into the single decision level.


    1. I am confused! What are the the two dually interacting objects? In the text you point out two equicalent time cycles within the hardware as essential for consciousness, and second there is the consciousness index, which describes the feature of synchronizing with the environment and replicating a large portion of the environments vibrational signature into the machine. On which of the two levels does the essential reciprocal editing in the dual system occur? Is there a connection?

      “the ability to edit each other”.. so when the critical value of C is crossed, mathematically a causal link between two waveforms is established that wasnt there before (tell me if i am completely off.). Now what feature of this sophisticated network of time cycles with a special new mathematical feature of dual editing translates into a defined conscious experience, say a thought or color red, and how is this achieved in principle?
      Is the consciousness simply the mathematical structure of the causal interaction between the two time cycle networks?


      1. I think if we discuss in the place where I wrote about consciousness, it would be better. This is a different page. You will see that I have mentioned several parameters about consciousness there. All are independent. C measures something different, duality measures something different.


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