Brain jelly

Brain jelly is an organic material that we design and synthesize to replace the neural network. In the first page where we have introduced 12 different dimensions of our research, we have suggested that brain is a frequency fractal hardware and there are fractal cavity resonators 12 times one inside another then we reach from the outermost layer of human skin to the lowest, the DNA atoms. Then the 5 layers from the top are to be built by 3D printing, but, how would then we build the rest 7 layers. Well, the idea is that we design and synthesise a molecule at the 12th layer such that it grows into a structure like neuron at the 8th layer and at the 8th layer it starts growing without increasing in its size. It does not grow further, only changes its orientations and other geometric parameters.

This neural network learns rhythms, and evolves its circuits, if we solidify this jelly, permanent intelligent processors are made, and this is “Nano brain” for Robots. Since perpetually evolving circuits may turn erroneous, this would ensure reproducible industrial production. Software based artificial neural network that we create for the Robots will not work beyond a certain very limited performance. The reasons for the failures are:

  1. Argument inside an argument, self-assembly of arguments, circular time cycle of argument construction, imaginary nested time cycles, spontaneously reply, several hardware features are used by our decision making process which is not possible to implement using a software program. All these features cannot operate in an environment where a function is defined, the singularity of a fractal environment is a system that helps in developing this feature.
  2. Wireless power transmission is an essential feature and not just that we do not need quantum devices we need fractal mechanical devices and their properties are quite different than quantum. In reality quantum and classical computing are not much different. “bits” are replaced by “qubits”, circuits are cooled down to sustain coherence. However, for the fractal information processing that needs nested time cycles to self-assemble following the resonance chain or frequency wheel to morph a natural system.
  3. “Simultaneity is not harnessed by conventional quantum computing protocol as much as we do.” In fractal information processing, every single time cycle are connected, that is the memory, that is the decision maker and that is the programmer. Resonance chain that connects everything also connects the nested time cycles. This is what makes nested clocks to carry out “instant computing”. This is not possible in any sequential circuits.
  4. Our frequency fractal based decision making uses time cycles. There are plenty of advantages, however, everything comes with a cost. Time cycles need to run perpetually, forever. There is no collapse. No reduction of decisions. Conventional softwares and processors cannot do anything other than reduction. The two worlds are so different. In Turing based classical or quantum computing, we have its brain in the external user and the job of a computing circuit is to execute the instructions as encoded fast. The objective of computing in fractal decision making is to “match time”.
  5. Our entire computing is based on the philosophy that computing elements would morph the problem (morph means frequency space replication, or mimic the equivalent resonance chain), by spontaneous self-assembly, no where the instructions are written. Then, the equivalent expansion to balance the rhythms and finally there is spontaneous reply back the nested rhythm. The whole process executes without any formal instructions written anywhere.

Infinite logic hardware based on BrainJelly: Replace conventional machines using circuits that fuse “ET Fractal” and “IF fractal” (AnondoGhono):

We have developed a strategy to build the brain jelly. A brain jelly has to execute a couple of tasks. Here is a list of the task that a brain jelly would do.

First, we need a magic starting molecule. This molecule would do couple of things, following a bottom up strategy it would condense into various structures so that the self-assembly seeds are formed. At the smallest scale we do not want just want chemical reactions. The reason we want to avoid chemical reaction is that all chemical reactions release waste materials and we need to generate a mammoth infrastructure to allow excretion from the atomic or the molecular scale that’s like creation of a true living life form. We leave this step to adopt a new kind of condensation.

Second, we want a new kind of fractal condensation to be carried out by the magic starting molecules. for an example we start with various DNA, RNA and proteins, they create other designer molecules. This happens via weak interactions and then the proteins and other structures collapses into the secondary structures. This is what our magical molecule would do, would undergo condensation at various resonance frequencies following the resonance chain, one after another. Thus, magic molecule that makes the 12th layer, makes the 11th layer by self-synthesizing newer molecules by fractal reaction kinetics that we have invented. Then the condensation runs 3 times, 10th layer, 9th layer and 8th layer.

Third, we want that at the 8th layer the molecule that would be created would not absorb materials from nature and would grow in volume. Just like in the 11th, 10th, 9th and the 8th layer, we have seen growth of materials and here 8th, 7th and the 6th layer would see self-assembly into a jelly form. This is the final condition we want.

The self-assembly and growth would happen following two ways, side by side or one inside another. These are called IFS and ET type fractals.




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