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Mindbook, an alternative social media where, complex music & pattern effects are generated for delivering the true message of the mind, nullify misunderstanding (AntaraTomo): In most of the cases we are not able to convey message properly, but if a music accompany the message, that contains all hidden feelings into it and treat us like an unique synesthetic patient? What if from my posts in Mindbook it creates a music and that evaluates the higher level conscience that “I” worship inside me without me knowing it.

Here are the 10 incredible features of the MindBook

  1. Experimental verification of global consciousness: We would like to verify panpsychism theory, and the theory of vedic consciousness whether it is a truth or fake. Since we can generate the frequency wheel of any complex system, we would like to generate a such data via a social platform “MindBook”. We would like to study (a) geomagnetic oscillation (b) consciousness index of the users (c) if possible executing 24 satellite based experiment to check certain delay experiment whih would be sent to the far distant skies for “gravitational 3D gradient measurement“.
  2. Uploading the human consciousness to a machine and live forever: If the theory of frequency wheel that we have measured is right and we can do something great with this wheel, then, for every person we need to build a map of his or her rhythms throughout his or her life. Secondly we need a map of global consciousness of large number of humans simultaneously. These two kinds of frequency wheels automatically get created when people would use the Mindbook.
  3.  Construction of a Robot Brain that explores the complexity of the universe: We have described in the Robot Brain page how do we want to create this particular AjoChhand n.0 artificial brain systems. Now, we would like to fill the detailed information structures of the human brain very rapidly from the MindBook data. The information of the structures will be free for the entire humanity to use. This is exactly in line with the global database of the biological rhythm creation.
  4. Triggering the human consciousness to the next level: A human brain faces severe complex issues, in society, in life, but more and more time is passing by it is becoming clear that humans are born alone, die alone. The reason of most pain is disillusion due to greed and other lower level passions. There needs a critical analytics that would 24X7 monitor of consciousness level over a humans entire life while he/she interacts, help them to improve following the synchronicity parameters of the frequency wheel.
  5. Understanding the effect of emotions loves and global impact: Our protocol could measure the effect of our speech, how a positive and a negative news impacts life of every single conscious life in the world. We will see its effects studying anything that is alive and apparently non-living yet exhibits complex dynamics. The idea is eventually to estimate every single parameter that unconsciously change us and making an attempt whether ever we would be able to become a free human one day.
  6. Learning the right expression: building and optimizing the language of the universe: thought we have created a language based on music and geometry, however, we need to optimize that and using MindBook we will try to create music for the every single message, which would send the emotional code attached to the message. This would help us to auto-correct modify and improve the code in an extremely beautiful manner. Expression of inner feelings honestly has been the greatest deadlock and we want to solve that for ever.
  7. Identifying the science of mantra: Is there any healing powers of nice words: We often say that nice words heals. There has been a hypothesis that nice words have a grammar and that if applied properly affects the evolution of consciousness. We have been studying the Vedic perspective on this aspect, because they did the research on this and also tribals all over the world for thousands of years. We want to see whether these are just nonsense or there is any reality. Most importantly across the globe, are these “mantra” correct? Do they tell us the right message? We would like to extract from the MindBook database bad and the good mantra, so that we could decrease the bad. Or every mantra has a good and a bad aspect to it.
  8. Online 24X7 health prediction: Can our expressions give early indication of health degradations?
  9. The genetic diversity and the consciousness diversity: Are they related, could they be studied such that we can predict about how consciousness is connected to the genes or our frequency wheel protocol wherein several components contribute fundamentally in various ways is the way to go forward.
  10. Monitoring the unified life forms existence including humans and nature and trees: Are the people of the world connected to nature we will include animals and plants and all life form’s vibrational expressions, because our geometric musical language allows us to monitor every single life form’s activities under the singular high bandwidth resonance chain. Therefore, it will be for the humans in the beginning but would extend to every single life forms.


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