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Ten inventions that we contributed from NIMS, Japan and would consolidate in the next 10 years (2016-2026)

Published September 11, 2016 by anirbanbandyo
  1. Information Theory:          A new information theory. FIT or Fractal Information Theory. This is a new way of computing or decision-making by fractal logic gate, or fractal cavity resonator. For this purpose we proposed Fractal tape like Turing tape and Fractom machine. We often use nested cycle metric to generate fundamental geometric constants.
  2. Mechanics:           We have been developing a new generic version of quantum mechanics, FM or Fractal Mechanics, We conceptualized a new fractal harmonic oscillator alternative to QFT
  3. Language:         We have been developing a new geometric musical language (GML) and constructed Continued Fraction Geometric Alzebra (CFGA) and Geometric musical calculator (GMC).
  4. Human brain model:          We develop fractal cavity resonator model of the human brain, (FCR-Brain) and Frequency Wheel of prime model (FWPM) for any biological machine. We develop cavity math for protein design for life forms. Nested Rhythm map of the Human brain (NRM-Brain). We discovered ferroelectric, piezoelectric & pyroelectric properties of microtubule and every protein, we have also discovered that protein has electromagnetic resonance, Universal protein circuit model (UPCM).
  5. Geometric number system theory:             We construct and information version for developing the theory of everything, and a theory of consciousness we call it Time cycle universe theory (TCU), this is not like GUT, ours is a set of integrated mathematical constructs and protocols that would help in the understanding the universe and or consciousness. For example relating e, pi, phi with all fundamental constants, frequency wheel of primes, ordered factor etc.
  6. Fourth circuit element:            We invent fourth circuit element, Hinductor
  7. Thermal energy harvesting machines:           We invent artificial life forms, kT driven thermal nanobots, Thermo Electro mechanical system (TEMS).
  8. Musiceutical nanobots:            We have developed musiceuticals, vibration based medicines, Nano Brain. Main focused diseases have been cancer and alzheimers.
  9. Fractal chemical kinetics and condensation:          We have developed a new kind of multi-kinetic synthesis, we invent a new class of condensation beyond Froelich condensation, Fractal condensation
  10. Brain jelly:             We invented organic jelly that replicates biological rhythm like information processing, Brain jelly. We invent world’s smallest neural network. Multilevel switch. Fractal beating like quantum beating for nested beating to be used to create fractal cavity resonator for brain jelly.


Does fractal cavity resonator model conflict with circuit model of human brain?

Published June 12, 2016 by anirbanbandyo

António Egas Moniz  theorized that mental illness was caused by nerve cells that couldn’t communicate properly and caused people to in pathological symptoms like mood disorder, sudden switching, panic and several other depression. He developed the lobotomy to try cut off the nerve fibers that he presumed facilitated the mental disorders. After experimenting on 19 patients, he reported that they did indeed improve, though they seemed to also lose crucial elements of their personality and creativity. It was a painful and a bad experiment, however, it does tell us that brain circuits do play a vital role in generating the conscious behavior.

When we develope our fractal cavity resonator model of the human brain, does it have any contradiction with the circuit model? Does it discard the cavity model? Here are some of the arguments which would establish that transmission of local density of states that we need in the molecular scale for the phase based information processing, we need the same at the centimeters scale. Then how would it be possible to transmit signal from one part of the brain to another, we need wiring. Therefore the same cavity resonator model which uses membrane based cavity made of proteins and ionic wave to generate the superposition of waves and interference of waves to create a pattern of vibrations, the save cavity principles work in the largest scale. We can never expect that at all scales we will be able to generate similar forms of vibrations and cavity effects with similar principles.

This is the reason our suggestion of building a frequency fractal to represent a biological system is an essential part of the cavity resonator model. The massive neural wiring of the connectome project is the key to the geometric phase and dynamic phase manipulation at the large scale in the same way it happens for a molecule. Therefore, from the molecular scale to the largest brain scale there is not much fundamental changes in the principle of operation. We should be careful about the consistency of the parameters.

What is the resonance chain and what is frequency wheel then? How tiny pieces of resonance chain creates a frequency wheel? Every single element in the brain is a cavity resonator and has a electromagnetic resonance band, and when several materials come together their resonance bands overlap to form a chain. Since, the number of cavities in a cavity is finite, hence, the chain is finite in length and as the guest cavities process only the geometric information, total phase lag is always 2Pi, hence there is a time cycle. So, we convert a resonance chain into a wheel layer. Many many layers one above another make a frequency wheel that is the representative of a system. Then what is the brain hardware? A fusion of escape time fractal and iterative function system type fractals.

Every single element in the brain is a fractal cavity resonator that leaks. Why does it need to leak? For birefringence, the brain sends pairs of coherent signals in the inner cavities for the quantum beating. All over the brain quantum beating is the key, and this is also true for the connectome map.

How Quantum interference is possible at the large scale? Why does the states do not burn?  Fractal structure enables coherent sources to pass through topmost part of the structure to the smallest cavity, i.e. to the atomic scale. Moreover, the cavities run dynamic phase cycles to run the geometric phase cycles in a time loop. Hence, energy transmission is fractal like. For this very reason, there is neither coherence nor decoherence, it is fracto-herence that creates a virtual reaction point. For example, protein’s in the microtubule would exhibit de-coherence, but the interference occurs in the water channel, whereas the coherent sources are generated by the protein layer.

Is the brain a Quantum computer then? No. We have proposed a new class of computing, fractal tape based computing that would enable the system to process information and making decision in a very different way.















Going beyond Turing machine: World of technologies with “Infinite state” machines

Published December 30, 2014 by anirbanbandyo

Turing’s world of computing considers every single element is complete in itself, just like that a “matter” is complete; nothing inside/outside is changing it. Completeness enables discrete and binary true/false argument to define it. We get a Turing world.

Recently, we proposed an Escape Time (ET) fractal tape, where, as we enter inside a cell of the tape, we find another tape, hence not a single cell in the entire tape network is defined (non-differentiable). This is not a Turing tape. This AjoChhand vision has one argument, one energy packet, one Turing like tape, one clock, one rhythm, one oscillator that encompasses the entire universe, but if we enter inside any of them, we find millions of those inside, the journey continue forever, whether we zoom in/out.

Unlike Turing, any “matter” is conceptually incomplete so we need matter+energy duality to connect all matters inside and outside. Conserved energy takes the form of periodic oscillation or rhythm and maintains time, but each rhythm has rhythms inside/outside. We cannot isolate any small piece of argument from tape network, hence, no bits or arguments like true/false, that leads to no classical information content. Observer/user is also part of the tape network. User’s sensory resolution limits isolate a part of limitless rhythm network that is “his” information-perception. Since “that” is not a discrete unit, it remains undefined, so entire rhythm net, is represented as matrix of truth with infinite dimensions, no rhythm is ever destroyed, no choice is ever rejected. This is an ET system, but self-similarity is not mandatory, so it is not a true fractal, possibly fractal-like.

Unlike Turing, our tape (AjoChhand tape) needs four new steps, resonate (with a rhythm), expand (self-assembly of rhythms), Phase transition (of rhythms), and spontaneous reply (the rhythms). Self-similarity of shape/rhythm appears/disappears with time, as rhythms couple/decouple with other rhythms, changes the structural symmetry of matters to memorize particular set of frequencies for a rhythm. The entire tape network is never-ending resonance chain of coupled matters that vibrate with rhythm, means, local rhythms vibrate as a distinct entity in parts of the tape.

Since observer/user is also part of the rhythms of the tape-network, it senses by perpetual local synchrony and de-synchrony with various parts of the tape, thus, its “sensing” not computation by classical theory of computation.