Here are twelve topics and problems on which we have made scientific contributions during 1st February 2005 to 31st January 2015, in the entire period the research has been carried out in the National Institute for Materials Science, NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan. All materials presented in this website is a property of NIMS, and we acknowledge all collaborators and researchers who worked and working relentlessly to get this project done. This section is a brief guide to scroll through the entire project. This website will be used to publicly update the work. If you want to contact us regarding any material, you may put comment against the article or follow contact website.

Twelve contributing topics revolve around a single concept of defining information in the way nature encodes: (i) Fractal information theory and philosophy of replacing equation based science with topology, (ii) A new decision making without computing, (iii) Development of fractal concept in quantum mechanics, (iv) Geometrical musical language, (v) Fractal cavity resonator based human brain model and global database of biological rhythms, (vi) The information processing protocol of biological systems, (vii) Prime number theory and fundamental constants, (viii) Fourth circuit element, (ix) Programmable nano-submarine, (x) Programmable organic synthetic chemistry, (xi) 3D printing of human brain and Organic jelly, (xii) Grand unification theory (GUT) in the light of nested time cycles. We have detailed the contributions below.

This 11 years, have been a remarkable journey from molecular electronics, biophysics, organic synthetic chemistry, computer science, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, mathematics of geometry and number system to the philosophy of quantum mechanics. Here are some of the important milestones that we feel have been achieved, a major part of it remained unpublished, uncommunicated, because of the reason that the most important basic discoveries we made at a much later stage, we knew that we are upto something very new, but could not confirm, so decided to generate less junk in the scientific literature. We believe that the worldview determines the representation of experimental data significantly. In the next 10 years, 2015-2025, these achievements will be used to generate usable products for the betterment of mankind. Here is a summary of the finding. By the end of 12 years, on 31st January 2017, we will finish making entire research effort public in the form of various products, we never wanted to or get limited to publications, the visibility of the concepts are to be tested practically. This website is a documentation of all materials sharing which we do not publish in the research manuscript.

1. A new information theory: Fractal tape to replace Turing tape: Fractal machine to replace Turing machine: Impact on the philosophy of “equation based science” and social structure: Science of singularity: Information was earlier “bits”, means “0 and 1”. We suggest a time cycle as unit, if one zooms any point on the circle, gets another one, nested time cycles is the unit of information. We propose a fractal tape, the transition happens as we replace every cell of a Turing tape with another Turing tape. Three imaginary worlds, one above, one below and one that of an observer is the key construct, its operation is noted as “Fractal machine“. Here, mass and space are also represented by “time” cycle. (Background experiment: our protein electronics measurement, and organic synthesis of fractal logic gate forced us to devise a new way to look into information).

2. A new theory of computing or decision-making by three concepts (i) frequency wheel, (ii) resonance chain, (iii) morphing: Non reductionist approach to decision making: We have devised a few new concepts to represent a system. The world view is that universe is a frequency fractal, and it is to be presented by a frequency wheel. We suggest that a resonance chain would replace a system. The “three imaginary world” or information unit described above fills the resonance chain gaps to “frequency morph” a system. Instead of logic or argument as proposed by Bertrand Russel & Turing, we suggest to construct time cycles made of “question” and “answer” together along the perimeter. If one is called the other joins in, thus a decision is made. There is no reduction or collapse of states to reduce choices. (Background experiment: Our experimental realization of replicating natural events on the molecular surface).

3. Development of a generic version of quantum mechanics, namely Fractal mechanics: The quantum anomaly in microtubule experiment: Introducing nested wave function: We found 10 incredible changes in the quantum measurement experiments of microtubule and that forced us to re-think whether quantum mechanics tells us the full story. For example, if we zoom any part of the quantum interference pattern, we get another pattern, until we reach the machine resolution (another one is an advanced version of Frolich condensation). We invent a new fractal harmonic oscillator and conceptually we adopt a new route not to bypass the fractal Feynman path via renormalization, rather, we use nested time cycle to echo measure singularity. We call it Fractal mechanics, the experimental results are fine, the theoretical results are not complete, mostly what we are doing is to find anomalies of other experiments and whether our formulations explain those better.

4. Invent a new geometric musical language and invented fractal alzebra or continued fraction based geometric alzebra: Can we do all information processing and mathematics using time cycles or circles? This research was extended almost 9 years running now, finally, we got something. Now, we have developed a way that one draws only circles and yet solves complex mathematical problems, like simple arithmetic, addition, multiplication, subtraction. Then, we developed a way to solve the problems related to alzebra, if one wants to do math using patterns, can he do that? Solving differential equations, integration etc. Most importantly, can we create a image, sound or sensory data processing using the time cycles, then, image converts into a music. We can do remarkable things. This language uses the morphing technique and information architecture described above. We invented musiceuticals, vibration based medicines.

5. We develop cavity resonator map of the human brain: A global platform for the nested biological rhythms: We consider brain as a fractal cavity resonator and 12 layers one inside another. We have carried out an extensive study of every single component of the human brain and created a meticulous architecture of the entire human brain as a sum of 250 classes of cavities with 1031 classic frequencies. We will provide a detailed model free, so that one could print the human brain using a 3D printer upto 100 micrometer accuracy. We are also collecting the database of frequency research carried out all over the world over the last century on brain and other biological components and we will provide all the data on this website for free. This will be used for the medical purpose. We have built a simulator that would listen to the geometric musical language and transform the neural wiring, live.

6. Discovering how biological systems encode information with phase-frequency-intensity triads in a frequency wheel and nested time cycle: We develop cavity law for protein design for life forms: Theory of constructing a conscious machine: Uploading a human brain in a machine: We have carried out extensive machine design protocol by which a machine could operate itself. We have identified 10 technological features of a conscious machine and we have created a complete mathematical model for all 10 features. Not only limited to human brain, our simulator predicts conscious machines beyond humans. We started predicting the evolution of proteins and complex unit of life forms, using the simulator. (Background study: We have studied 26000 proteins to find that they all come under 19 classes of protein cavities only).We discovered ferroelectric, piezoelectric & pyroelectric properties of microtubule and every protein, and also discovered that almost all proteins of living kingdom share the frequency space. we consider “If DNA holds the genetic code, microtubule holds the thermodynamic code of life.”

7. Prime number theory and how number system controls emergence of every single pattern in the universe: fractal cavity resonator: We invent nested cycle metric to generate fundamental geometric constants, a new synthetic law how prime number theory and alzebraic geometry could be linked: We have created our own fractal cavity resonator based metric to define the fractal space-time curvature in our own time-metric way. While doing this we found an unique relationship between e, Pi, and Phi that connects the various forms of geometries, thus, number system theory to link with the alzebraic geometry a dream of Robert P Langlands is achieved. We have already found the beautiful correlations using MATLAB program, we are now carrying out extensive collaboration with the mathematicians for the formal proof of our hypothesis.

8. We invent fourth circuit element, Hinductor which is not memristor: All three circuit components L, C and R were created long back in the 1880s, one component was missing as told by Chua 1962. We disagree that memristor is the fourth circuit element, it does not produce the magnetic flux as a function of stored charge. We have been developing various forms of fourth circuit elements for the commercial application we are basically able to generate the magnetic flux as a function of stored charge. Using 3D printer and conducting polymers mixed with Graphene we have created some of the successful versions of the fourth circuit element.

9. We invent artificial life forms, kT driven thermal nanobot for harnessing energy from kT and implement it to replace chemical drugs: Programmable nano-submarine for cancer cell treatment and Alzheimers to advance further to any disease: We have developed a route to integrate various forms of artificial life forms. A life form has three basic components, it senses the environment, it processes the information and then finally it executes a task. We have built such a machine. We have built nano-wheel, nano-submarine and several nano-walkers even world’s smallest smallest neural network. These modules are designed to develop as a new kind of drugs not seen before, these are not chemical drugs, it’s not a virus modified into a suitable killer machine, it is fully artificially conceptualized and developed as a fully integrated machine system that analyzes the hostile environment, enemy and executes the task what is most suited.

10. Organic synthetic chemistry: Intelligent, programmable synthesis: We invent multi-kinetic synthesis, a new kind of organic synthetic chemistry, we invent a new class of condensation beyond Froelich condensation. Froelich condensation is quantum mechanical collapse at room temperature, we suggested a little modified version of the Froelich condensation. This is because of the nature of quantum mechanical collapse version we observed in microtubule. We understood there is no collapse but a condensation into a set of nested time cycles, not a normal way. So fractal condensation is feasible, which is not classical. Now, using organic chemistry we can look beyond BZ liquid or Turing pattern and try to get into the model of fractal reaction kinetics, but prior to us there was no control on the FRK, we introduced such a control.

11. 3D printing of human brain and filling the cavities with organic jelly, to upload human brain: We invented organic jelly that replicates biological rhythm like information processing. We have mentioned above that we will be building complete 3D model of human brain, so that one could use a printer and print human brain upto 100 micrometer resolution, but how do we make neural network there? Then we need organic brain jelly. Therein we will inject the organic jelly and the jelly would evolve into a neural network. We are testing these features for the fully developed large scale human brain. The 5 layers of the human brain out of 12 could be 3D printed, but 11th and the 12th layers are to be created by organic synthetic chemistry. 9th and 10th layer will be formed by fractal condensation, and finally the 6-7-8th layers will be a dynamic jelly like layer that would continuously grow like a brain’s neural network.

12. Connecting all four forces of nature (GUT) with nested time cycles: Unified field theory that includes evolution of life for plants, animals to stars and galaxies: We have developed a new theory of evolution of any life forms as part of unified field theory: We experimentally found that triplet of triplet is the fundamental form of information, based on this particular finding we built the concept of resonance chain which self-assembles the triplet of triplet frequency wheels. We found the mathematical condition of “duality” in a machine, and we have detailed our theory of a conscious machine here in this website. This is a mathematical condition, what is not only applicable to building the brain like machine but going beyond. We consider that the universe unfolds following the same criterion, hence we have created a grand unification of information universe, using time cycles as foundation of analyzing the effect of all forces. Even the Darwin’s evolution theory of life to be replaced, “there is no need to kill the weak to evolve, weak does not have to disappear, there is no need to struggle for survival, cooperation is fine“,

“We do not consider that neuron is not the only element that processes information, we consider brain as fractal architecture and every single element in the layered architecture contributes equally to the information processing of the brain. Second, we completely reject the hypothesis that linear set of arguments manipulating randomness in various ways could emulate the complexity of the brain. Instead, we believe that we need a completely new geometric language of nested rhythm to process information in the fractal architecture.”

Attached please find a white paper explaining our strategy on building the artificial brain, this white paper would be updated on a regular basis.

White paper on AjoChhand brain building


  1. Please see the comment left at Global Brain Rhythm Database about a pragmatic universal methodology that is not itself based on language because the meaning in language derives from how the cosmic order works, not vice versa. The cosmic order cannot be re-invented in language. But it can be intuitively grasped by the methodology that embraces all possible structural relationships of inside to outside in a nested hierarchy of discrete “Systems” that is open ended. This methodology can complement traditional empirical approaches to all of the sciences and expand their horizons in far more meaningful ways.


    1. We have replied to your comments in the database section. We understand that you perhaps misunderstood the objective of our language. We agree that “it can be intuitively grasped by the methodology that embraces all possible structural relationships of inside to outside in a nested hierarchy of discrete “Systems” that is open ended”. This is also our view. But we cannot tell that philosophically, we are not philosophers, we need a concrete geometrical language to tell it to the scientific community.


  2. With respect, science has traditionally been married to the idea that all physical phenomena occur in an assumed vessel of space and time. Attempts to map the geometry of this a priori space-time have not been succesful as Einstein himself came to realize late in life. This metaphysical concept is flawed. It eternalizes the whole of phenomenal experience, essentially denying us a real subjective aspect. It maintains that our subjective mind that perceives objective phenomena is an emergent property of physics. Self contradictory elements pervade it. The simple all embracing empirical fact is that all we caan ever know is active interface processes between a universal inside and a universal outside, neither of which can be known to the exclusion ofthe other. All we can see and sense is completely dependent on interface processess, including the virtual subjective reconstruction by our nervous syetm of the objective world that we sense is “out there”. This is not philosophy. It is an empirical fact that has never been properly recognized. From this ONE overriding fact that is evident wherever we look a new universal methodology emerges that is infinitely more fertile. This pragmatic new method can bridge our right and left brain hemispheres consistent with our ancient emotional brain that is anchored to our evolutionary history. Only this kind of bridge can bring us to a sustainable future with timeless characteristics. We are facing a serious crossroads that may spell doom for civilization as we know it unless we open our minds eye to an intuive perspective beyond the reach of words.
    Best regards,
    Robert Campbell


    1. Einstein failed in many things, others succeeded. And geometric mapping of space-time we are not talking about. We suggest geometric map of time cycles,space is apparent illusion. There is no problem in making a flawed attempt for others, as long as we believe that we are walking on the correct route. If we make a mistake, its OK, my life would be in vein is also OK. But at least I would like to see it to the end. I feel everything that you said could one day be derived from the geometric arrangement of time cycles.


  3. Is there any material available on the exact protocol, how the three Bloch spheres of the three imaginary worlds are integrated and assembled into the reality sphere?


  4. Hello Anirban,
    To my mind the very concept of geometry and time cycles therein presumes space in some obscure way regardless of language. Of course science advances through flawed attempts. Although Einstein had the integrity to doubt his life’s work late in life it nevertheless exposed flaws in scientific thinking. The advantage of the non-linguistic approach that is introduced at http://www.cosmic-mindreach.com is that it embraces all possible structural varieties of sensory experience including biological systems. It cannot be a language based belief system since it must find direct confirmation in phenomenal experience in some way in both the private and public domains. This does not mean that it can be subverted to a linguistic belief in time cycles. My concern is that a host of mainstream scientific belief systems is eroding at the moral foundations of civilization. We can never confirm the big bang in experience of any kind, or probability waves, or infinitesimal strings, or random mutations that reduce all life to blind chance without meaning or purpose. This is a serious issue that need not be so. Your obvious extensive efforts to construct a holistic view of the universe confirms that our mute right brain demands an integrating view of the world we live in. I simply submit that this cannot be reduced to left brain language. Integrating world views are intuitively perceived and the meaning implicit in all language derives from specific sensory contexts accordingly. The holistic world view is mute. It only finds meaningful left brain words in specific contexts that are accessible to sensory perception in some way.
    Best regards,

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