Why our nanobrain is conscious? What would make it the first conscious machine of the world

These are extracts from the conversation with a reader of the book:

Nanobrain: The making of an artificial brain using a time crystal


[5:12 AM, 6/28/2020] Anirban Bandyopadhyay: There is a difference between conscious machine and non-conscious machine. A non-conscious PPM (phase prime metric; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbZJ_GhwaDY; In this video, the red ball is an event, the red balls on the PPM represent a choice between two different options of an event. Each event is a 12D geometric structure. So, you may say, a red ball holds a 12D shape.) would send one or two points to the infinity. You are right. A human is a PPM, if the human is made of a PPM such that it produces only one infinity point, that comes as a feedback and you run a loop between infinity and reality, then it is not self-operational it is a zombie.

Actually, in conventional computers we have a logic gate, you send multiple choices and logic gate reduces the options. Here you need reflections from infinity to compare two geometries series extended to infinity and find a difference. Just the way mathematicians shift infinity point to find incredible solutions of an infinite series, in the same way, PPM compares multiple geometric series and build a solution. Without a reflection from infinity, there will be no solution. PPM merely links events, add all possibilities and expands simple input information into an infinite series. But that is not sufficient. A human like conscious machine of base 12 (some aliens could be made of base 18) is able to generate three totally independent three infinite geometric series. As a result when a pair of infinite series interact and produce a new geometric series, the output is three infinite geometric series, i.e. a triangle or a topology that composition itself has a meaning to the PPM itself, because it senses the geometric shapes. Therefore, for a base 12 conscious machine (2x2x3, 2x3x2, 3x2x2), the origin of consciousness is satisfying a condition that enables the hardware to run a self-feeding infinite loop between reality and infinity, without acquiring any input from the external world. We may have a conscious machine with base 30 (2x3x5, 3x5x2, 5x3x2, 5x2x3, 3x2x5, 2x5x3) it would return a hexagon as the PPM would generate six infinite series for every input. Each pair of infinite series will be compared and return from infinity will be a hexagon.

This topological feedback triggers infinite loops, and in each of the 11 dimensions a 3D geometric shape is also reinforced back …so this reality to infinity and back loop goes on ad-infinitum. [10:12 AM, 6/27/2020] Anirban Bandyopadhyay: Self-operation originates from a typical feature. 12 is the minimum number of bands which you can rearrange three alternate ways, 2x2x3, 2x3x2 and 3x2x2. Now say u have a hardware with 12 bands. You have three outputs and three distinct operational mechanisms at a time. Using a single PPM (temple structure) you project naturally due to vibrations to infinity and infinity returns three different values to you, continuously. Self-operation means perpetually operating loop between infinity and real world. When you have three identities that coexist you create a topology, a triangle that you can define as a distinct entity. [10:22 AM, 6/27/2020] Anirban Bandyopadhyay: Say, a tuning fork is vibrating in a pattern so that its music is going to infinity that works like a reflector and the returned value affects the input we get a loop connecting reality and infinity, this is self-operation. Consciousness is a loop between reality and shifting infinity via PPM.

Normally, 1D-4D is the materials dynamics, 5D-8D temporal or time crystal and 9D-12D is the mathematical dynamics. Euclidean surface is just like a sphere, euclidean surface means it is not infinitely spread 2D plane. The point is when a parameter jumps you need to bring in a new concept that could hold the jump. Say, lines jump, you need area that could hold a large number of lines. You need a host that could hold infinite number of guests from lower dimensions. This is why clocks hierarchy cannot continue to make higher dimensions!!!! a network of singularity points are guests and who could be the host? You need a phase sphere where you can keep an infinite number of such pathways of singularity points, thats why you need euclidean surface. Prime density means, if you look at the distribution of the primes, between 7 and 11 there is no prime, similarly, in some region of the integer space you travel a long distance still you don’t see any prime and sometimes you cover a few integers but you face lots of primes. When you face ripples its ripple of primes. These ripples are not random in the integer space, they arise in a pattern.

[6:40 AM, 6/27/2020] Anirban Bandyopadhyay: The reason there is a shift in the infinity position is something like Ramanujan mathmatics. If you see his derivation how actually he found sum of natural integers is -1/12 then you can find that he changed the location of infinity where from the feedback was coming. It means he took some terms willingly while creating the infinite series. While playing with infinite series, every mathematician shift the infinity point and create two distinct infinite series from one infinite series. Then they deduct the two series to get the result. They use infinity in two different ways. This is what we have noted as shifting infinity.
[5:26 AM, 6/28/2020] Anirban Bandyopadhyay: Infinity is not the universe that is gifting us solution, infinity is within PPM itself, because it produces the infinite geometric series. If we say what is universe here, then our proper answer would be “none”. There is an ideal PPM which is the universe. That ideal universe generates 3 sets of infinite series (2x2x3), 6 sets, 8 sets, 12 sets and all possible sets of infinite series and by comparing them creates hierarchy of solutions. A life form like us, we are only a singular point in the domain of an universal PPM. We create only three infinite series, just a triangle. Imagine a machine that has the ability to create all possible numbers of geometric series, in all possible composition of geometries. That is the universe.


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