When every part of a system grows simultaneously, spontaneously

In the conventional wisdom of science, every part of a system cannot transform itself together. For creating a physics theory we take two particles at a time, and then disappear everything else from the universe. Some people tried to build a science using three particles but failed. Current science never allows to take all at a time. The kind of science that we have been developing does exactly that, enables us to create a whole new branches of scientific theories considering all at a time.

Let us first understand the problem where in the practical world we encounter it most. Imagine you have an architecture of self-assembled time crystals and every part of it is growing, or imagine your whole body, every part of it is growing simultaneously, spontaneously. Conventional science teaches us that there should be a boundary point and beyond that everything would remain static, and then only we would analyse the dynamics happening inside. We all know that every point in the universe is changing and we are also trained only way to understand it is to do science, where we know how to delete everything in the universe and deal with only one tiny system of interest.

Here is the new kind of science that we are promoting. Here, we have an universal guideline, we create a guideline how symmetries could change spontaneously. In the world of phase prime metric, every part of the material grows and decays simultaneously. We do not look for a static boundary point, in our universe there is only one static part that is the metric itself, the phase prime metric, the guideline. This is a new kind of system where transition of symmetry constitutes the boundary points. We know how symmetries would break and adopt a new symmetry point. Learning to live with everything that are changing continuously is the new kind of science and we are looking into one such new kinds of practices, that we are following. Of course people would have to perfect it for years to come.

The idea is very exciting to us, metric of symmetry was never tried before. Space-time metric was there, where we input space, output is time, it provides all kinds of links. We were tired of all tiny discrete boxes inside which physics used to live, when ever we want to move outside, we use our imagination, fit observation with something dumb, later find some meaning to it. If others find some other imaginary route, we ask them to correlate the dumbness, sometimes called constant. Now, when we have transition of symmetries as a metric, therein, when one set of symmetries changes to the other, there is a guideline, we are independent of any spatial or temporal boundaries.

This is a totally new experience, a journey where time and space evolutions would appear messy, random, unpredictable because everything talking to everything has global symmetries, you may look into that. However, you cannot sense 34% mostly, your sense would get lost. In this world of science, even topology would not take you far, you need a new kind of drawing, a mathematics of patterns. Equations wont help, initially we tried many routes, finally, we decided to build a new class of mathematics of our own, called continued fraction geometric alzebra. Of course Al Zabar has nothing to do with it, but Sri Dharacharya has.

In this new type of mathematics, we only draw things and the rest of the solutions are automatically derived. Why do we need a new kind of mathematics for the analysis of Phase prime metric? Because every part of the system is growing together. In the conventional alzebra or any form of mathematics, you cut short expansion of equations, infinite series. Using the same infinite series you end up in different solutions simply by rearranging the terms means you do not have a proper procedure. By drawing circles and circles alone, we have created this new type of mathematics that deals with infinity, addresses infinity in a new way.

Here are the ten books to be published in the coming years.

  1. NanoBrain: Intelligence using rhythms: This book explains the new kind of information processing and decision making using which an artificial brain could be built. Manuscript is ready
  2. Neural knots of protein’s darkness: Time crystal biology: This book explains the new kind of biology, how information structure creates, and evolution happens. It includes our research on protein, the role of water. A new kind of neuroscience.
  3. Consciousness is music: Music is consciousness: New theory of consciousness, our 12 unique concepts to develop a rigorous study of phase prime metric. This book illustrates what marvellous new age science could be created from the phase prime metric.
  4. Universal language of nature: Doing math by drawing: Continued fraction geometric alzebra, can we do mathematics just by singing.
  5. A circuit without electronics: A fourth circuit element: Our unique fourth circuit element how super non-conductivity works in regulating THz and magnetic fields.
  6. A Journey to nothingness: Beyond Quantum realm: Our Fractal mechanics theory and its different principles. Geometric phase generalization
  7. Cosmos is a living life: Journey through fractal gravity: Our new theory of the universe where we describe what is there at the edge of the universe, and outside the boundary
  8. Darwin-Turing religion vs Life in life in life….Our new theory of evolution beyond Darwin and new theory of a living information
  9. Musiceuticals: Microbiome to nanobot, drugs of future: Creating artificial life form to cure diseases, we will have the musical treatment of proteins but we will create life forms to live with us and cure diseases.
  10. Building giant machines by themselves: A saga of fractal engineering: In the distant future, all machines could be created by writing a code and then in an artificial womb the machine will be created following the phase prime metric. This book would describe how fractal engineering would replace additive, subtractive engineering.



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