In future we will see information and feel it, wont require to decode

We have introduced geometric musical language (GML) so that we don’t have to read 01111010101010111110000001111000001101010101010101000010101010101010100000101010101010101010111111100101010101010101010101010101010101010101111111111111111111110010101010111110000000000000000000011111111100101010101010101010101010010101010. These set of letters make no sense to us. We need a decoder to read it. What if we have a language that has a decoder, our perception, a higher level argument? As soon as we look into the information structure we would be able to extract the information we will simply get it inside our brain like a feeling.

For a century, information was a dead object. Imagine a time in the future when information is like a life form. It has a clock to keep time, a geometric relation as its significance or importance, that could be understood as a cognitive entity, no reality or classical point to have a physical existence, it is like a concept.

If we truly find the information structure of the universe, or our brain, we should be able to understand it as soon as we look at the information structure. We are not in a position yet, but I strongly feel one day we will be able to distinguish between an information structure of fear with the information structure of a joy.

Not just that I am eagerly waiting to see how a bird sings and we feel the information structure of a birds song, or pain when a plant dies.


  1. amazing foresight.i am in Shanghai teaching information visualization to the Shanghai Business School and your comment is worth sharing.


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