A Historic perspective of our artificial brain building research

For the first time in the world we measured the vibrations of proteins and found that they work like a composition of tuning fork, or a complex musical instrument, whose pattern of frequencies is the key to human thoughts. Imagine a singer is singing  and in each of her notes, there is a music embedded.

1. Discovery of time crystal in biomaterials: Every single molecule is a quantum device, it is known since the 1920s. Currently, in quantum biology, researchers take a protein molecule from a biological structure, show that it is a quantum device and then speculate, that the whole organ where it is found, is working quantum mechanically. X molecule showed quantum effect, researchers claimed, smell works quantum mechanically; Y molecular complex showed quantum effect, researchers concluded photosynthesis work quantum mechanically, we showed microtubule which is again a protein complex quantum device, since it is found in the neurons, we could say, brain & consciousness is due to quantum. Though we discovered quantum properties in the microtubule, we think actual question is how to link that vibration to the human thought process? We found a way in Quantum mechanics. In 1955, a 22 years old kid Pancharatnam in India suggested that classical clocks are one, so, no way to confirm if you make a complete rotation, but, in quantum there is another clock nested with it, that keeps a count (geometric phase). We generalized it to explain our experiments with microtubule and neurons, there is a clock inside a clock inside a clock… in an infinite network. Then, we generalize quantum mechanics too, using simple conceptual extrapolation of Berry-Pancharatnam phase. We also found that such nesting of clocks was also noted as time crystal by A Winfree in his book “the geometry of biological time”, in 1977, he did not self-assemble the time crystal, we did it, to explain formation of whole brain and consciousness.

2. Inventing a new computing beyond “quantum computing”: One point everyone miss, the existing quantum computing is in no way different than the classical computing, it is the same logic gate, same programming, same wiring, no change in decision making principle. The only difference is that the circuit is cooled down at a very low temperature. Brain has no software, it is just a material that naturally vibrates. No version of existing computing philosophy allows decision making without writing a code. So, we rejected a century old philosophy of computing to make it fit to what we observe in the quantum properties of brain materials, microtubule and neurons. We considered that all events cannot be represented as a sequence of simple events, which was practiced for a century. We reject Turing machine and Turing tape, introduce a fractal tape, a tape, which has a cell inside a cell inside a cell….. In this new theory (Fractal Information Theory, FIT), we use quantum mechanical experiment derived unit of information, a life like clocking geometric shape, not meaningless “bits”. These life like information units self-assemble and forms a complex geometric shapes (time crystal structure), which is a music, or a song (Geometric Musical Language, GML). So, thought is a music, so it consciousness. So, a generalized formulation of Pancharatnam Berry phase of quantum mechanics leads to time crystal which self-assembles to create a frequency fractal brain that sings as consciousness.

3. Discovery of chain of resonance: Quantum mechanics left a clue of consciousness in the 1920s when Feynman and others introduced the concept of renormalization for their Nobel prize winning work. They avoided addressing the most profound reality of nature, every single path has infinite paths embedded in it, there is a path inside a path inside a path inside a path….. in an infinite network. This is the query using which 500 years back, zeno defeated Socrates, and to tell what is inside, we assemble Feynman diagrams like neurons in an artificial intelligence network and train the input with the output to explain mysteries of the universe. While experimentally measuring the patterns of vibrations in the proteins and in different brain components like neurons, cortical column, hippocampus etc, we have discovered that the pattern of vibrations that links all components as chain of resonance, it looks very similar to the pattern of prime numbers is the guideline of natures. So, we found a way to make a journey to an undefined function, not bypassing it. Just like astrophysicist uses a space time metric to predict future dynamics of planets and stars, we input any sensory information to this metric as time crystal and it gives an output as a geometric shape made of clocks. This architecture of clocks is what is our brain, and its song is our consciousness.

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