The criminality of Quantum Biology: How Quantum advocates fool us

Every single molecule in the entire human brain and the body is a quantum mechanical device. Not just that a giant crystal that we can hold in our hand is a quantum device. The living body is full of quantum devices. A virus is just a crystal of molecules, so it is a quantum device. The point is that every single molecule in the entire world in every living species is a Quantum device, and they all have spins in the entangled state. We do not need to prove this separately. Alas, people are now taking molecules one by one and proving that the molecule is quantum mechanical and then extend the boon of quantum to a biological phenomenon and suggest look the phenomenon is quantum. But the Quantum advocates do it with a trick, they, use their words carefully, to hint it enough and let the journalists do their job.
The gap between the two is enormous, before fooling the scientific community at large, one must understand that one major step is missing. But this is serious. This article I am writing only to warn that these marketing tricks is nothing but criminality, an honest quantum advocate must clearly hint that connecting a biological phenomenon and the quantum effect is far fetched.
So in summary, the advocates of Quantum biology takes a molecule, shows quantum entanglement in the molecular system, and then speculates using their wild imagination that it helps in fundamental biological activity. For example FMO complex in the plant leaves. In the protein complex, there is entanglement, but, how does that helps in photosynthesis? Can it be shown how exactly a chemical reaction is harnessing the entanglement? No. The problem is that no one did this experiment and even without doing this difficult job, they claim that it increases the efficient energy transfer. Because that is so obvious, it is a faith, it is a believe, it is a selling spree.
Science is where we do not use believe or faith we design simple experiments to support our needs. Here our need is a correlation experiment. Where entanglement would continue even implementing the photosynthetic chemical reaction. If we fail to show this, then, definitely, we are just proving FMO is quantum which even if we would not have proved, mattered a bit. On many occasions we could argue that artificial coherent wave originated from the half-silvered glass and a laser source, how does that happen in the biological system? Our research should focus on that point first.
The same applies for our microtubule research also, we have shown it is Quantum, but it proves nothing that brain is a Quantum device, or any information processing in the brain at all happens Quantum mechanically. But wait, we started our work there and looked deep into the system over the years. And we did what the general quantum entanglement research was missing. We found a new structure of information in the microtubule and then also discovered its integration rules, which just, not a perfect Quantum mechanics, but a new form of Quantum mechanics which is much more generic than Quantum mechanics plays the role.
We have not finished our research but trying to find a way out, if there is no Quantum, then, that is fine, but then what is new then? We suggest it is Fractal mechanics, a completely new form of quantum mechanics where you do not do renormalization, but dig deep inside the singularity and harness its features with the fundamental understanding of choices of vibrations. In other words, we follow the geometric pattern of vibrations to map the singularity path and therein lies the route to integrate fractal mechanics, classical mechanics and Quantum mechanics. This mechanics holds some properties of Quantum mechanics and that could easily be integrated over a long distance, and it harness thermal THz radiation, so heat is not an enemy but it is a necessity.
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  2. L. Agrawal, S. Ghosh, B. Ghosh, K. Ray, S. Sahu, D. Fujita, A Bandyopadhyay; Replacing Turing tape with a Fractal tape: a new information theory, associated mechanics and decision making without computing, Consciousness: Integrating Indian and Western perspective. Chapter 6, 87-159 (2016). Delhi, India.


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