Subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing and then fractal manufacturing

Last 100 years we have seen that engineers used to cut tools into pieces and then connect them together to make a nice products. It was subtractive engineering. Making a hole, cutting it into a geometric shape, pasting, what a culture it was for the manufacturing. Now, we are having additive manufacturing in terms of 3D printing. This kind of additive manufacturing will change the world, we will be making things that would initiate adding liquids, jelly, and create just everything.

There are several limitations of subtractive engineering. We often make the machines bigger, we need smaller tools to make a smaller products. Often it was energy consuming and waste of materials was enormous. Now with the additive engineering, we create machines taking exactly what we need. We do not need to cut things. Of course we will see 3D printing to take over and destroy entire system, economy and everything in the world. A new world order will be set and we will have to face loss of jobs in a huge number.

Then there were two more classes of manufacturing waiting in the lab desk, self-assembly and fractal condensation. Self-assembly was proposed in 1988 and fractal reaction kinetics and related condensation was proposed by us in 2016. Self-assembly is found to be limited because it requires materials in a particular form and elementary structure to proceed. While fractal condensation is a brilliant way of putting it, whenever “fractal” word includes in the formation of any structure, self-assembly from a nucleus by core shell growth and then self-assembly of several such nucleus run simultaneously.

Until now the grammar of fractal manufacturing noted above is not established, but, one could use number system and the pattern of primes to regulate the growth process. If a manufacturing follows the pattern of primes, it will never be left alone, no need to program and self-healing would be fundamental to it. For self-healing “fractal” is always the best choice.


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