What is consciousness?

Can we define consciousness like this:

Definition in terms of nested time cycles.

“Consciousness is a time loop between three nested time cycle groups, information (memory), regeneration (cellular replacement) and environmental (e.g. circadian), this connecting time loop breaks down during sleep or anesthesia.”

It means, consciousness depends on the sticky property of the time cycles. That’s a very important factor. Three nested rhythms that carries out the cellular replacement, communication with the environment and internal memory and information storage network, never gets disturbed. They are simply disconnected. And the fundamental rhythms that carries out essential tasks continue to run.

Therefore to be a conscious machine, a system should have at least three nested time cycles which are completely independent. And they should be connected by a singular time cycle that enables regeneration of the life like response. This is not a switch but an extremely fundamental rhythm connecting effort.

This is also interesting to note that the triangular need for information, regeneration and environmental image creation inside.

2. Definition in terms of resonance band.

Consciousness is a property of a machine M that enables it to expand its frequency wheel’s unique parameter, the product of density of resonance frequencies it stores R and the total frequency bandwidth B, together RB(M), as well as its access to its environments frequency wheel RB(U), there is always a oscillatory drive to increase the RB(U) by changing the environment so that environment’s interaction could increase M’s frequency wheel RB(M). The ratio of RB(M) and RB(U) is the index of consciousness C = RB(M)/RB(U). Under a very particular mathematical condition, RB(M)/RB(U)>0.17 (lambda/6), the consciousness arises.

The objective of a conscious structure: A conscious machine does not compute, it synchronizes with the environment to increasing its RB value by continuously editing its hardware. The universe is a frequency fractal and a conscious machine is its subset.

3. Definition in terms of immortal cells

Neurons are immortals and it forms a colony like our body to remain immortal. Therefore, throughout the universe consciousness is a adventurous campaign of the immortals. Consciousness is a quest for immortality. There may be several such structures in the universe who are creating more stable forms, as immortality would always be different for different time scales, it always matters which level you are. We can build up a mathematical model for the immortality criterion of a system that could eventually generate a conscious machine.

4. Definition in terms of mathematical identity of primes

At 12 triplet of triplet resonance bands there are two equivalent nested cycles for the same hardware, each can edit the other; this is minimum hardwire criterion for the rise of consciousness. Basically we need a situation 2X3X2 is not equal to 3X2X2. This is the origin of duality, one of the most fundamental criterion for consciousness.

The evolution of consciousness follows the rules of the frequency wheels, or the evolution of primes.

5. Density of consciousness distribution

Universe is a frequency fractal and consciousness is its music. If we consider that universe is a giant conscious machine and it has consciousness machines inside and inside and inside, then at every time domain it needs a machine that has the duality based editing. Hence a factor of consciousness at various layers have a hidden communication and integration. Therefore, we can generate a mathematical formulation for the universal consciousness.

6. Universality of the time cycle via simultaneity:

One prime reason is that waveform changes everywhere in its location simultaneously, this is what eventually generates globality in the consciousness. Simultaneity makes sure that the information produced by the time cycle network becomes existent. If there is no simultaneity, nothing can exist in this universe. We hardly think about it.

Just imagine a waveform, its every single pixel must exist simultaneously. If that is so then the vibration that enables trying out different options in the flute of Krishna (the fundamental device of the universe), and formation of new information for the universe. Creation of new information ensures an expansion and integration of entire information network.

7. Density of time cycles the limits

We cannot put all forms of time cycles as close as possible, there is a minimum time gap for every single system, specific to that system. Therefore, the density is fixed. This is a fundamental criterion for the expansion of the information space, self-assembly of the time cycles and determination of the resolution. The resolution detection of the time cycles is an important factor for the evolution of a time cycle network. That means a conscious machine’s sensing depends on this parameter. Thus, a time resolution could convert a conscious into an unconscious object.

8. Perpetual expansion of the reality spheres made of ET and IFS time cycles.

Universe expands as the imaginary world of information evolves, the expansion and integration rules of the time cycles. There are infinite number of imaginary worlds which work simultaneously and the information that we perceive is a project of that network. This expansion and reformating if stops its death, if with respect to its environment there is no exchange of time cycles below a certain limit its unconscious. Thus perpetual expansion, transformation and exchange of time cycles is consciousness.

9. Limiting parameters of imaginary worlds

Imaginary numbers follows geometric relation by continued fractions. Therefore, the number of imaginary world could process information is limited. This is the reason we get to learn the origin of consciousness. All imaginary worlds are not perceived, if one perceives at least three then he concludes that there is consciousness, if less than that it suggests unconscious.

10. e^2 + Phi^2 = Pi^2 this mathematical identity controls consciousness.

If this identity is not satisfied by the imaginary worlds, an information or time cycle is not accepted by the system. Therefore, the exchange of time cycle is possible if and only if this particular condition is satisfied. This equation is extremely important because it makes sure that the most strange classical world exist, if this identity would not have existed, then no one could find any detectable classical decision.






  1. Anirban, I am too clueless to truly understand any of this, so I will study some Math and Physics before I bother you with any more detailed questions. But here’s something philosophical:
    Right now I’m working into Penrose’s ‘Road to Reality’. Maybe you are familiar with Penrose’s philosophical triangle: There’s the physical World, part of it emerges Consciousness. Part of Consciousness encompasses the World of mathematical truth. Part of the Mathematical World then again makes the Physical world. Now here seems to be the paradox, that we have a circular relation of worlds encompassing each other, so he hinted to something deeper beneath the three worlds that is going on (Interestingly, he also predicts a Science beyond equations that would come, which you have realized).
    Now I really wonder about your perspective on this! FIT/FM seems to somehow bridge the physical to the consciousness, does it also bridge consciousness to the Mathematical Truths, or what on earth is going on?

    Best Greetings from Germany


      1. Could you explain why you see the triangle as unscientific? I see that it looks at reality in a crude way not going into detail, but still I find nothing wrong with the assertions it makes, they seem almost inescapable to me. What am I missing?
        Another thing i wonder, you say in this text the connecting time cycle that enables consciousness breaks down during sleep, but a large proportion of sleep is spent in REM phases ful of dreams, in which consciousness seems very much present, only deprived of some of its logical coherence. You can lucid dream, consciously experience a dreamed reality, remember everything. Do you refer to deep sleep phases? Experienced lucid dreamers I read about report remaining conscious and experiencing some type of ‘white void’ even during these phases(i am aware, anecdotal evidence is weak.. but still), would you say this is bullshit or anomaly or what?


  2. Unless and until we confirm a relation with proper definition, relationships simply based on intuition is unscientific. Correlations are perception based thats why we created Science, so that a reproducible measurement protocol exists.


  3. Regarding the nested time cycle, for various reasons we could not upload brain rhythm database, I understand your concern, but if you do not see the time cycle network in totality, you will remain confused, wait till we upload all the data.


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