Why information processing through membrane is the most nonsense idea created by mankind?

Membrane of a neuron processes information in the brain is an idea that came into existence in the year 1905. More than hundred years have passed, still we are harping on the same string. This is a totally nonsense idea and why it survived for over 100 years I simply cannot imagine.

  1. Skin is the brain, preserve the holy skin: Neuron is a living life form, just like us, but extremely primitive. Saying that its skin or membrane processes its information is like saying, human skin processes information and everything else in the body are just nothing. Take a microscope and see, how fast evolving our skin is, largest organ in the body and within 11-14 days the entire skin gets replaced. I can start Hanuman Challisa for the skin, just like scientists do for the neuron. But the advocates of “skin is our brain” has got a new idea nowadays, “guts is our brain and microbiomes are the real neurons”.
  2. Hang your precious items on the external wall of your house: Do you keep your precious items inside a well secure place in your home or in the wall outside? Therefore thinking that synapse processes information is like keeping most important things in the garden outside your house. You know glial cells and astrocytes, they are not just thieves but dacoits.
  3. Wall that separates the boundary between two houses hold the secret of life of the two houses: How come a person with a common sense comes up with an idea that keep the secrets of the brain in the junction of two living life form, neurons? I have always wondered about one thing, since the day I learnt information processing as a young kid, why two giant people lie down their foots connected, and that connection point is important. When a single molecule can store a bit, why two giant life forms essential? Why making both of them redundant? Why cannot a single person with a single idea think that by considering the junction as the information storage place, you are destroying both of them?
  4. If you have 1 million people around, you do not use microphone, but go and ask everybody, hello, have you seen my pajama? Nerve impulse is the mode of communication means to search something in the brain you contact every single neuron. If you say there is a specific way, then you need another brain which decides where to go, so do not try that trick. This is so bogus, just imagine, someone asks you where do you live? Then you need so many things to process, it is not a computer like storage system, questions match so reply back which is connected by the same circuit. Nerve impulses would have to scan your whole brain several times for each part of a given question.
  5. I give you 130 ways to reply, but your answer will be “yes” or “no”, OK? When one neurotransmitter could do the job, what 130 neurotransmitters are doing over there? When you need 0 and 1, why are you giving 130 ways to reply? Bullying? I give you many many ways to reply, but you have to say just one thing, OK?
  6. I will tell you entire Ramayana and Mahabharata but you mix every single letter in my story and remember just one letter, OK? Why do you need specific synaptic branches when you are supposed to mix all signals in Soma? You are destroying everything of the entire story coming from the environment, and generating one nerve impulse in the skin. Why? Have a big conical shape mouth to capture all ions like fishermen uses net.
  7. See, whatever you have in your house, they exist only to support the external wall, that is the key. Even the beams and electric lines are only to support the external wall. The height of nonsense begins when people argue, look micro and neurofilaments are just like skeletons in a body. They just hold the skin. They forget what they actually mean. “Skeleton does not do information processing but the skin does“. Well, micro and neurofilaments & several complexes are at least transporting like neural pathway and blood vessels, but, ignore them for promoting the greatness of skin?
  8. Look, brain is a circuit like a computer and there are neural wiring. Just like metal wires have skin effect, membrane mimics just that, its skin and a device sold in normal electronics shop. The human race picks up tools that they imagined to follow the well defined instructions and then tag a million year evolved system with that. If we look at the breakthroughs in Science and Nature journal we will get abundant papers trying to correlate biological responses with electronic goods available in shops. Sometimes, protein is a transistor, switch, membrane is a switch, an OP-AMP, cascade relay circuit, anything and everything we can think of, skin is like Narayan Avatar of Hindus, one system but acts like many very distinctly engineered device.
  9. Think about an animal talking to another, there are various modes of his action; visual, non-visual etc, any dynamics you see for neurons, assign it to its skin. Skin does frequency modulation, edit rate. In the history of neuroscience, you will see whenever there is any invention of a remarkable property, advocates add a new function and fit that observation. This is a brilliant adventure where even the subthreshold resonance is attributed to the membrane. Self-contradiction is at various steps.
  10. Skin decides where to grow, how to grow, the growing organ by itself decides where to grow: Nonsense crosses all limits when we make membrane equivalent to a living system: Neuron continuously re-wires. No one says this explicitly, but if we closely observe the literatures, then we can find that neuron by itself decides which new connections to make and which wiring needs to get disconnected. This is the reason, when, even that is attributed to the membrane, we have no other choice but to consider that neuron membrane paired layers of dead molecules are alive. Of course this is a great junk science that even a molecular monolayer is a living creature.


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