SOMU theory of consciousness

Imagine we have a hardware that can emulate periodic events happening in nature. Now, if 3D clock architecture of this hardware is such that skeleton clocks acquires the ability to emulate any 3D correlated periodic events in nature then, the hardware is fit for achieving consciousness. The similar hardware, when acquires the ability to create an infinite replicas of complete information architecture in the form of a temple like phase prime metric, then, we call the hardware as a conscious machine. The machine satisfies multiple conditions to achieve the ability to replicate 86% of any composition of information architecture produced anywhere in the universe. Central governing parameter for our conscious machine is density of primes, which never repeats in an infinite series.

Self-operating mathematical universe SOMU is a density of prime driven system that acquires a 3D spatial pattern shaping the concept of a point or singularity. In this system consciousness is defined by a property of a system when it could coexist in 3 or more polycrystals form at a time. It means a set of highly integrated clocking system forming an infinite series of clocks in a network of singularity points represents a universal simulator. A hardware with the unique ability to form a universal simulator basically creates a superposition of total information architectures. It means for a system S with an information architecture I, we have a set of I {I}, consciousness is a metric of {I} an architecture of various identities.

We have an amazing journey of a classical world of singular, defined identity to a quantum world with multiple superposition states, all entangled, where all collapses to one. The journey ends with fractal mechanics where every point is undefined, information is not what we see but what does not change in dimensional jumps. Finally, a set of information, builds an architecture of clocks growing within and above. No where the system has a defined state. When we have such a hardware, that could generate an infinite series of elements, where each element is a complete information architecture, infinite replicas, making a pattern that looks like the same temple like phase prime metric, that defines its singular undefined point.

If the complete information architecture of a PPM based system creates its infinite replicas and integrate them into an architecture, then the system acquires the ability, not only replicating the 86% of patterns in the universe to its manifold but also seeking 14%. So, it is not just replicating information, but entire information architecture. Therefore, the system of many identities mirrors several identities. The consciousness is therefore a composition of many conscious like entities.

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