I read your Book but i do not understand how geometry, event and prime are linked

A. How do you effectively log events that happen in the world so that they may be interpreted by the machine? How are key factors of events determined to be worthy of occupying a corner on a geometric shape? How is information input so that the geometric shapes may form in the first place?

We have stored 15 geometric shapes (see chapter 2; Figure 2.4) using which software would search in any input video most dynamically changing points and put a dot. How does it determine the dynamic part? It is a region or a set of pixels, or bits that move in space periodically, i.e. returns to the initial position. In this way, the software will get many dots in the input video. Then it will start grouping the dots. Say 5 points are changing as a group, so it will create a pentagon. So, from a moving video, it will figure out geometric shapes that are changing and how. Then it will find a group of groups. It means, says there are 3 geometric shapes, a triangle, a pentagon and a hexagon are changing. Software will take their three central points and check if those three points form a group and change periodically. The search would start from tiny shapes until it integrates all into one shape.

B. Who sets the language for the geometric shapes? How are new words or concepts processed, created or added to an existing set? Won’t this change depending on the elements used in the time crystals?

We set the language in the geometric shape by selecting 15 shapes. 

Any new word is a geometric shape in sound. Say, you have a word “apple”, the sound has a geometric shape and the appearance, color has a geometric shape, now if two kinds of shapes, the shape for sound and shape for appearance are linked into one combined geometric structure. You may add geometric shape for taste, touch, smell too. Five geometric shapes are linked by a pentagon. So, if one activates any of the shape, all others would be activated.

All geometric shapes are individually linked into a circle or a clock. geometric shapes are linking together means clocks are linking. Self-assembled clocks form a time crystal. 

C. How can the machine predict the evolution of ideas on the promised computer if time crystals are a fixed pattern? It makes sense that the past, present and future is understood but there are multiple future outcomes given the free will of people. 

Each time crystal is like a code. But there is an infinitely long universal code called phase prime metric, PPM. Using this code the time crystal transforms continuously, it does not remain fixed, so it could generate new futures forever.

D. If the geometric shapes represent mathematical numbers, but the numbers cannot be known and are determined by the machines, how can they effectively be relied upon? 

Geometric shapes represent mathematical numbers, geometries link themselves, so the numbers. Linked numbers trigger a specific pattern of the phase prime metric or pattern of primes. That is the universal code or master code 

E. I do not yet understand how the governance of prime numbers works and how they factor in the decision tree of events.

When you see events in front of you, its spatial. When you register its periodicity, its temporal. When you find geometry of time, its topological. When you find link between topologies in terms of mathematical symmetry of primes in the integral space, it is prime. Together we get, space-time-topology-prime metric that becomes an identity which is the decision tree of events.

F. A machine that responds to sound, in my mind, would function differently if I said a word, “apple,” in a normal tone of voice versus screaming “Apple!” at the machine. Further, people have different accents. What is helping the machine process the word apple the same for me as it does for you? How does the machine differentiate Apple the corporation from apples the fruit?

Very good question. The problem you said regarding the pitch variation is true, every human has different pitch, so. Also, mood-related to sound for apple would be very difficult to fathom in conventional algorithm based analysis. One could pronounce “apple” in 12 ways and could mean 12 different things totally different. That is where our computing becomes far better. We use geometric shapes to represent all information, including emotion related to a sound. Therefore, imagine there is a circle that represents the host clock and on its perimeter there are three groups of circle assemblies. The first assembly represents apples color, taste, sound, touch and smell, i.e. Sensory data. The cluster of circles related to sound would have identification of letters in terms of a topology, but if that topology matches with any memory or emotion then that would be picked too. If you go to chapter 7, you will find topology for emotions.
Suppose I say, “Apple”, can you tell me whether I am talking about a corporation or a fruit? You cannot. You have to learn more information and correlate that with previous knowledge. If you provide other words related to it, then that would be picked even by a normal computer algorithm too.

G. How would the computer link together someone describing a frog to the video of a frog? 

Again, a very good question. When one describes a frog by voice, then it is very easy even by common algorithm. How? Convert voice to text and search in google, so, it is a very simple task. On the other hand, from video one could carry out topological analysis, see chapter 2.

H. What are the most expensive and essential components of constructing a vortex computer? What metals are needed for the necessary time crystals to function appropriately? Can I make a simplified vortex computer by including less?

Earlier there were many expensive components, but now there is none. We can make it in 100$. No metals are required to build a time crystal. You need only helical nanowires.

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