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Ten inventions that we contributed from NIMS, Japan and would consolidate in the next 10 years (2016-2026)

Published September 11, 2016 by anirbanbandyo
  1. Information Theory:          A new information theory. FIT or Fractal Information Theory. This is a new way of computing or decision-making by fractal logic gate, or fractal cavity resonator. For this purpose we proposed Fractal tape like Turing tape and Fractom machine. We often use nested cycle metric to generate fundamental geometric constants.
  2. Mechanics:           We have been developing a new generic version of quantum mechanics, FM or Fractal Mechanics, We conceptualized a new fractal harmonic oscillator alternative to QFT
  3. Language:         We have been developing a new geometric musical language (GML) and constructed Continued Fraction Geometric Alzebra (CFGA) and Geometric musical calculator (GMC).
  4. Human brain model:          We develop fractal cavity resonator model of the human brain, (FCR-Brain) and Frequency Wheel of prime model (FWPM) for any biological machine. We develop cavity math for protein design for life forms. Nested Rhythm map of the Human brain (NRM-Brain). We discovered ferroelectric, piezoelectric & pyroelectric properties of microtubule and every protein, we have also discovered that protein has electromagnetic resonance, Universal protein circuit model (UPCM).
  5. Geometric number system theory:             We construct and information version for developing the theory of everything, and a theory of consciousness we call it Time cycle universe theory (TCU), this is not like GUT, ours is a set of integrated mathematical constructs and protocols that would help in the understanding the universe and or consciousness. For example relating e, pi, phi with all fundamental constants, frequency wheel of primes, ordered factor etc.
  6. Fourth circuit element:            We invent fourth circuit element, Hinductor
  7. Thermal energy harvesting machines:           We invent artificial life forms, kT driven thermal nanobots, Thermo Electro mechanical system (TEMS).
  8. Musiceutical nanobots:            We have developed musiceuticals, vibration based medicines, Nano Brain. Main focused diseases have been cancer and alzheimers.
  9. Fractal chemical kinetics and condensation:          We have developed a new kind of multi-kinetic synthesis, we invent a new class of condensation beyond Froelich condensation, Fractal condensation
  10. Brain jelly:             We invented organic jelly that replicates biological rhythm like information processing, Brain jelly. We invent world’s smallest neural network. Multilevel switch. Fractal beating like quantum beating for nested beating to be used to create fractal cavity resonator for brain jelly.


Incredible properties of AjoChhand computing: Why it would outperform all classical & quantum Turing computing

Published July 30, 2016 by anirbanbandyo

We have given a name to our geometric musical language based computing, AjoChhand computing. It uses Fractal tape instead of a Turing tape and uses Fractal Information Theory (FIT) instead of Quantum Information Theory (QIT). Why name is AjoChhand? Ajo word comes from Ajeya or Invincible, and Chhandam means Rhythm, so its an invincible rhythm computing.

Here are some of the incredible features of this class of computing.

(i) Search a massive database without searching (spontaneous reply).

(ii) Multiple nested clocks one inside another enable “a virtual instant decision making”

(iii) No programming is required as “cycles self-assemble/dis-assembly for better sync at all possible time scales simultaneously”.

(iv) “Phase space” keeps “volume intact” as required resources only increases phase density not a real space. Information = wiring geometry (hardware); Information = silence (not “bing” Philosophy); Information = Phase (geometric); Information = Perimeter or diameter (parametric).

(v) Perpetual spontaneous editing of slower time cycles (creation/destruction/defragmentation) “prepare for unknown” = higher-level learning.

(vi) We introduce “fractal resolution”, a complex signal’s lowest and fastest time scale signals are absorbed. simultaneously, & during expansion, the fractal seed delivers full output, from a seed of information (drastic shrinking of data).

(vii) The superposition of simultaneously operating million paths assembles into a sphere enables “extreme parallelism”. In quantum, only one Bloch sphere, here sphere inside a sphere inside a sphere…

(viii) Time cycle is memory, rotation along the cycle is processing, are same events, “no transport needed between memory and processing units”, no wiring, no communication, no communication channel.

(ix) No logic gate, no reduction of choices, which ensures that “speed” is irrelevant. No bits or Qubits. Object is not measured by an observer, object to be observed is not a separate thing, i.e. No measurement. Observer, Object and Environment integrates in the time cycle, (time cycle = unit of information = an event). A question is assimilated into the internal network of time cycles it affects the environment & observer in course of assimilation. That is how solution is derived, no computing is done to find an answer.

(x) All sensory information is converted to one geometric language that allows “perception”, a yellow color could have a taste. Perception is not a programming as wrongly perceived.

(xi) It never requires rebooting, only one computing runs for whole life, but of course it sleeps when it switches off certain interactive links with nature, yet even at that time all three internal rhythm networks run. Rebooting means temporary switching of the internal rhythm integrator. This is an equivalence of consciousness. The machine follows all ten criteria of a conscious machine set by us (see my consciousness post).

(xii) It always defragments internal structure, but self- editing is not so profound at the boundary clocks, there is a gaussian distribution of editing efficiency, clocks in the middle edits the maximum. There are various reasons why this is so essential. (i) Boundaries cannot be so vulnerable to changes, (ii) editing requires a high density of clock boundaries, (iii) Job description leaves only clocks in the middle to memorize environments, while faster clocks need to memorize hardware management, the slower clocks require to sync with the environment.

Arguing illogically would really make a sense: But how to make a nonsense argument?

Published June 14, 2016 by anirbanbandyo

Creating an world beyond Turing and Russel is not easy, the journey to the world of non-arguments is full of obstacles. One mistake and you return to the world of Turing. On the other hand, being non-sense is actually being random, with no rules. That takes us again nowhere. The other route is the Fractal tape or frequency fractal universe that we suggested. If Turing-Russel arguments were binary arguments, our route is “nested arguments”.

Here are 12 ways of arguing like a stupid that will make sense how universe argues and processes information at all scales:

(i) No question is born in the universe without an answer, they are born together, live together: Always a question always has its answer in it, no question could be created without an answer. Say a question is a triangle and an answer is a square then both are played in a single time cycle. If one plays a triangle, then the square is played out, and if a square is played then a triangle is automatically played. Elementary truth cycles self-assembles but never break apart. There is no true and no false. No distinct question and no distinct identity of an answer. A pair of truths make a cycle i.e. QA doublet or multiplet.

(ii) A QA doublet is not an absolute one, there is no absolute truth, every truth is decomposed into a set of new QA multiplets: thus, its a fractal network. There are only two ways the decomposition works. QA doublets have self-similar ordering (IFS) or one inside another. Thus, the analogue of an argument is QA doublet, but it is never a sum or step by step output of another set of arguments or QA doublets. Fractal decomposition of arguments is feasible but not sequentialism or parallelism.

(ii) Elementary arguments, hierarchical arguments are progeny, they are created. Both co-exist as separate identity in any set of arguments. Truths have their own plane and several planes grow spontaneously in an argument. A non-sensical argument is alive and extremely unpredictable. Unpredictability is not the sign of randomness, but a single observation of nested rhythm could originate from several alternate situations which are fundamentally different.

(iii) No answer or Question is complete, there is always a question that invalidates the answer, fixing that to evolve answer is a journey to completeness (Godel hinted, never suggested a route to explore incompleteness). Since there is no fact no true statement, the information is not just numbers. Just like in a flute a static point is generated, in the dynamic world, we get nodes and anti-nodes due to interference with a boundary. Similarly facts are static points, it is an emergent feature of our system. The static points would not conflict when we combine waves to form nested network of waves or arguments.

(iv) Logically circular or circular logic is the unit of a singular logic to enter inside and go above, always bring circular logic but follow the boundary limit of an observer. Earlier, logically circular was a matter of shame, but for us, it is a matter of pride, it is the foundation. A pair of observers noting a fact would note different things.

(v) Infinite number of planes and their arrangement makes a reality sphere or arguments: Evolution of an argument: Since question-answer couples always together, every possible solutions are connected to the question contextually. A question could have many answers in different contexts. All are mapped in a 3D nested time cycle geometry. There are two ways an argument evolves. First, increasing the length of the flute Second, editing the position or the number of holes in the flute, global change means keep the weight between the arguments same, only change the perimeter of the time cycle. Second, editing the holes means changing the geometric shape itself.

(vi) A truth is not a statement but a geometric shape, the motif of argument is to make the geometry more symmetric and integrating the geometries into one singular geometry at the highest level. Every single set of arguments form a geometric shape and a complex pattern of composition of basic geometries should form to compose a complete argument, the shape would be symmetric and follow the rules of geometries.

(vii) A logical argument cannot be stated without suggesting the angular orientation or location of an observer on the sphere, i.e. perspective of an observer sets the truth: No logical argument could stand alone, isolated, it needs a support, even though a fractal arrangement argues that at the top there should be one argument, but even that would require at least three perspectives, one from the arguments below that makes it, one from above or the argument it constructs with others, and one the perspective of an observer. A true argument does not have an idiom or universal truth, no assumption, all assumptions are environment and context dependent. There is never a truth or a false statement.

(viii) “Bing” does not contain an information but a “silence” does: Evolution of dynamic and geometric phase is everything, amplitude, mass, space all are illusion, only time is real. Time does not have any direction, time does not flow, it adjusts relative positions of “bings” on its surface thats why past present future like perceptions appear. There is only “phase” in the universe, dynamic and geometric phases. This is the philosophical foundation of nonsensical arguments.

(ix) Expansion of 12 tune Raga is the way to expand an argument. We cannot add them one after another, place simultaneously, considering all as truth like Quantum, then, we take always a circle of 12 argument cycles and then expand them, just like Indian classical Raga and our prime number theory. An argument or question answer couplet cycles perpetually making it perfect. The rule morphing comparison is the route to auto-correct an argument.

(x) Morphing with the universal geometries is a drive for the argument, there are 10 ways of making an argument in the non-argumentative world. Every natural event has a geometric arrangement of argument and the practice or game of argument is to morph with the nature’s geometrical arrangement of argument. How to form an argument in the world of nonsensical argument: 1. Negative approach (neti-neti): Start with everything as wrong and always try to negate everything that is concluded. 2. On the reality sphere change the point of an observer or change perspective of an observer and repeat the cycle. 3. The philosophy of infinite series e and Pi and Phi regulates how integral systems evolve, an argument follows this relation of linearity, more you repeat, closer to truth. 4. Breathing of Brahma, a periodic oscillation in the form of an argument construction, 5. Tear drop and ellipsoid fusion, philosophy of a pair of poles division from a single pole 6. The swastika route of arguments, outflow of arguments reverses the orientation of the spin. 7. The Om route of arguments (three imaginary worlds) 8. 1=0=1…What that is a point is nothing and everything at the same time, full and hollow are the same thing, we can enter and see eight types of times operating simultaneously (8 levels of consciousness, Yogasutra), and 12 layers one inside another. 9. The argument of Biratapurusa and Varnasram post Hiranyagarva: Viratapurusha has sensory and basic organ systems, these are lists how a structure of an argument to be framed. 10. The argument of Brahman or universal resonance: All arguments should sync each other, march towards sync of millions of arguments come from putting them inside a singular cavities and arrange them fractally.

(xi) The universal geometric relationship evolved in the number system is emergent non repeating. However, that regulates the evolution of argument and self-assembly & disassembly of QA doublets. An argument always have one less variable than the fixed truth and total number of variable and truth should compose like our number system metric, hence the network of argument could be constructed. If there is a little change in the most static argument all nested arguments would change simultaneously, this is a result of the fact that “everything is connected to everything” or “universe is a frequency fractal and consciousness is its music”.

(xii) There are 10 limits of nonsense arguments that are actually responsible for making sense: 1. One could enter inside an argument 12 times to generate 12 fundamentally different dimensions, however, if we enter more, then the relevance to the first argument becomes faint. We need to change the starting argument point regularly to sustain relevance in the nested fractal like argument practice. 2. An argument is a flute of Krishna, it nests packets of quantum oscillations in slower rhythms (beating), 3. Only 12 prime made wheels make elementary wheels of nested arguments. 4. A true argument is one that has a pair of simultaneous truths (12 triplets). 5. 10^11 truths or pattern of 12 primes (up to 37) is the limit of an argument. 6. There is a 64 matrix of teardrop to ellipsoid transition. 7. Triplet of triplet fractal forms the boundary of any information content. 8. Phase is the only variable, or relative position with respect to time. 9. Only 10 dimensions are feasible, we derive this from the number system, this striking result comes from the gravity and quantum mechanics, however, in our formulations too, more than 10 dimensions are not possible. 10.

Our world of non-sensical arguments suggests that a doublet or binary logic could be right for the 50% of the time, hence, our contribution of nonsensical argument is to complete the world of knowledge that were left out i.e. 50%, here we try to see the universe of triplets pentate to a couplet of 37 arguments putting together that makes sense.