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Ten inventions that we contributed from NIMS, Japan and would consolidate in the next 10 years (2016-2026)

Published September 11, 2016 by anirbanbandyo
  1. Information Theory:          A new information theory. FIT or Fractal Information Theory. This is a new way of computing or decision-making by fractal logic gate, or fractal cavity resonator. For this purpose we proposed Fractal tape like Turing tape and Fractom machine. We often use nested cycle metric to generate fundamental geometric constants.
  2. Mechanics:           We have been developing a new generic version of quantum mechanics, FM or Fractal Mechanics, We conceptualized a new fractal harmonic oscillator alternative to QFT
  3. Language:         We have been developing a new geometric musical language (GML) and constructed Continued Fraction Geometric Alzebra (CFGA) and Geometric musical calculator (GMC).
  4. Human brain model:          We develop fractal cavity resonator model of the human brain, (FCR-Brain) and Frequency Wheel of prime model (FWPM) for any biological machine. We develop cavity math for protein design for life forms. Nested Rhythm map of the Human brain (NRM-Brain). We discovered ferroelectric, piezoelectric & pyroelectric properties of microtubule and every protein, we have also discovered that protein has electromagnetic resonance, Universal protein circuit model (UPCM).
  5. Geometric number system theory:             We construct and information version for developing the theory of everything, and a theory of consciousness we call it Time cycle universe theory (TCU), this is not like GUT, ours is a set of integrated mathematical constructs and protocols that would help in the understanding the universe and or consciousness. For example relating e, pi, phi with all fundamental constants, frequency wheel of primes, ordered factor etc.
  6. Fourth circuit element:            We invent fourth circuit element, Hinductor
  7. Thermal energy harvesting machines:           We invent artificial life forms, kT driven thermal nanobots, Thermo Electro mechanical system (TEMS).
  8. Musiceutical nanobots:            We have developed musiceuticals, vibration based medicines, Nano Brain. Main focused diseases have been cancer and alzheimers.
  9. Fractal chemical kinetics and condensation:          We have developed a new kind of multi-kinetic synthesis, we invent a new class of condensation beyond Froelich condensation, Fractal condensation
  10. Brain jelly:             We invented organic jelly that replicates biological rhythm like information processing, Brain jelly. We invent world’s smallest neural network. Multilevel switch. Fractal beating like quantum beating for nested beating to be used to create fractal cavity resonator for brain jelly.


Aging of a life form and the ageing of the universe: common rules of mortals and immortals

Published August 6, 2016 by anirbanbandyo

Only one organ gets old, our brain, the rest are freshly updated regularly until we die, thats an irony, because, neurons are mostly immortal, so the immortals cause aging to others. This is so romantic, the immortal singer needs to be pure and perfect, its way to remain perfect puts dirt on the musical strings of the others. It is not intentional, but just think, immortals needs to excrete much more than the mortals. To remain perfect and immortal, they need to spill out anything and everything that could harm their perfect periodic update. The management makes them immortal.

A rhythmic life needs an immortal sets of rhythm controllers, like neuron, which regulates the rhythmic life of trillions and trillions of life forms. This is beautiful. Everybody cannot be immortal together, if all cells of our body want to be an immortal then, everything would collapse immediately. Because then the massive amount of deposits need to be cleaned and that is not sustainable. Cleaning brain deposits is a rudimentary task and we think that the reason for ageing is that the brain is not able to clean up the deposits from the strings that vibrate to generate rhythms. One of the main reason for such failure is that the gap between the neurons must be between two limiting distances. If more, communication is not sufficient to do what a brain does. At the same time, if the density is too much, deposition would be too much too fast to keep the brain functioning.

In the Palo Alto approach, we have tried to make our vibrational idea working. We have suggested an idea for immortality by rejuvenating the rhythmic network. An immortal like a neuron needs to be such that it can pass through every single rhythm in its immediate environment. A huge bandwidth in a small physical space is a requirement to be a good candidate for the immortality. Nothing could be immortal alone, it is a colony of immortals. The existence of immortals becomes unnecessary if there is a singular immortal. They have a purpose to keep others living and evolving properly. Does it mean that an immortal is the one who has jumped several years ahead in evolution of the others in the environment accidentally, or at the will of nature? Whatever be the reality, there is no doubt that mortals are those who need fast evolution to let the higher life wherein it lives as a guest to adjust or adopt with the environment.

While it is beautiful to learn that without a component of immortal, a life form cannot be born. In a closed system, if it wants to independently interact with the environment, the mortals and the immortals should come together and form a collective life form that would certainly try to reach maximum immortality as possible. Some components would die fast to get replaced by others and some components would die at a much longer time scale. However, the immortals would keep an eye on everyone. Immortals cannot be a singular life form alone, why? Because it needs to sense various bands of frequencies and then respond to the environment by various ranges of frequencies. Those who interact with the environment more needs to die very fast, rapidly to be replaced by more advanced alternatives that fits the environment more. Examples are our skin cells and stomach cells.

Immortals remain in the back, until the signals are fully suitable to it’s own, but monitors every single development in its immediate network. An immortal always tries to integrate versatile sensor and responsive units to increase its frequency bandwidth vis-a-vis consciousness. The existence of neurons as the immortals demands for God. If god or ultimate immortals would not have existed, humans could never have thought of it, because in a closed system, no information could be born from outside. Closed system universe and the existence of god or ultimate immortals are self-similar, because one supports the other.

Is there something like this in our universe too? Are there some astronomical bodies that do not get aged, but continuously ensures rhymic evolution of life of the stars and galaxies of the entire universe? That idea is very close to the Hindu concept of the universe, where entire universe is like a giant baby playing with the lives. If that is true then there would be these 10 basic features of the immortals

  1. Remain in the back yet physically controls the rhythms of all components using which the immortals make the life form, the communicating pathways if blocked, could kill the colony of immortals because they cannot sacrifice their body and replace with others.
  2. Immortal astrophysical component  is way ahead in the evolution of mortals that make the life like system.
  3. Immortals need a rhythmic mass replacement mechanism.
  4. Immortals evolve network to communicate and process better.
  5. Immortals cannot live if communication with the mortals disrupt, or if they are alone.
  6. Immortals are never singular it has companion which cleans deposits to make its communication surviving, like neuron has glia.
  7. Immortals invent tricks to process maximum frequency bandwidth in a very small physical space. It loves information density.
  8. Immortals sacrifice mortals regularly to make better mortals, because it lives inside a mortal structure
  9. Immortals are created only to generate virtual closed systems, mortals never make boundaries.
  10. Immortals keep information in the phase space so that if some immortals die the others take over, replacement is not an option for the immortals.